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These past 15 years have BLOWN BY. Let me tell y’all how the birth of this kid was one of the most impactful moments of my life.

On Aug 8th 2003, my lil bro Lordan Warnell was born. He was premature, just like the rest of my moms kids, but there was something more going on with him that we were going to find out real soon. Shortly after his birth, our beautiful, full of life Lil man had a seizure. One of the most terrifying moments of my life. To see a baby blue in the face and not know if he was going to make it.... it was just wild, but my dawg made it through.

As months passed he was growing right on track. He was talking fine. He was eating fine. All the good stuff. But he wasn’t walking. He scooted around on his knees to get from place to place. We took him to the doctor, and it turns out he had cerebral palsy. This was DEVASTATING. I couldn’t fathom why this would happen to someone. A baby.... I would cry often about this for years. Even now it’s tough to talk about, but it did trigger something in me. Something that would change both of our lives forever.

Even at 9 or 10, I knew the world wouldn’t stop spinning because of this. Everybody has their own shit, and this was ours. More importantly, this was something that he was going to deal with forever. At that moment, I took it upon myself to make sure he could take care of himself. I knew it would be easy for him to let society handicap him. I get it. People see someone struggling to walk and they want to be nice. I don’t blame them and never will. But I made sure Lordan knew that the real handicap is of the mind, and he couldn’t let that happen.

Maybe I was too hard at times. Maybe having you pick up your own wheelchair or walker, and then put it in your car is tough. But you can do it on your own. It took a long ass time the first time I made you do it, and you were pissed. But YOU did it.

Whether it’s that, figuring out how to take out the trash with your walker, standing up without anyone helping you after surgery, and much more, you can do it.
I still don’t know why these were the cards you were dealt, but I do know you inspire me everyday lil bro. #NoExcuses I love you more than you know. HBD

Made it out the mud 😤💪🏿 #MudRun #NCCMudRun

This was my 3rd mud run event and I loved it! Ive never liked running, so when I do 5ks I get bored. But, having different obstacles adds the type of variety that makes it fun AF. The biggest part about me even doing it, was that I was getting too comfortable. Only doing things that I “liked”, but it’s more like doing thing that were easy. For the first time, I was able to make it through EVERY obstacle without going around. Idk when the last time you’ve done monkey bars was, but that shit is HARD 😂😂. Kids out here making it look like lunch, but sheeeeeeesh. Here’s to doing more increasingly challenging things. Here’s to getting out of my comfort zone. Here’s to failing at more shit, dusting myself off, and trying again.

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