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Motivation 🗣 & PERSPIRATION 💪🏾  Improve the Process 🧠 Health 💪🏾= Wealth 😇 🗣 Tell YOUR truth! Anything else is a LIE

Literally have known these ladies and gents most of my life, and Im beyond blessed that it happened like this. Great weekend. Great people. Great things happening. Even greater things on the horizon! @sethetienne @andreahn1s @mojomdj @jackie_c18 @eze94 @saaraahhhhh_ @damani_alexcee
The dreams seem long
But the team strong
So we keep goin

One foot in front of the other. No matter what’s in front of you, keep moving forward ➡️➡️

The @terrainracing race was a blast! 5 kilometers with over 20 obstacles. There’s something about running up to an obstacle, doubting yourself, and then overcoming it. The human body is a beast, but the mind is even stronger!
Even when you come to an obstacle that you can’t overcome, give it your all and prepare harder for next time. BE RELENTLESS. Rinse and repeat!

@tough_mudder 10k central Texas, HERE WE COME!

I never liked running. I was the kid that used to fake an asthma attack during conditioning. Go tell coach I have to go throw up. Pull the “WATER” skit from spongebob when he took his helmet off to flex for sandy at her place 😭😂
What I’m starting to learn though, is the beauty in the challenge. No ball in sight. Few spectators. It’s all you. You have to push yourself. You have to decide that finishing is more important, and that the feeling of achievement lasts longer than the pain. It’s the you that you’re trying to become vs the you that you used to be, and endurance is the name of the game.
Here’s to many more miles, to overcoming all obstacles and excuses, and to stepping out of your comfort zone. You might surprise yourself.


My right hand (wo)man ❤️. After her, the best thing about this pic is my mans in the background 😂

Raised by a single mom in a family where all my aunts were single mothers as well. To say that I’ve been influenced by independent, strong women would be an understatement. I was molded by them. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Literally speaking and figuratively.
As a man, I will never fully know the struggle that women go through day in and day out. But, I can work to try to understand your struggle, I can empathize with your grievances, and at the very least I can march.

2k18 goal.... HAVE MORE FUN 😁 Life’s too short to do anything else!

Few people have single handedly had an impact on me like @etthehiphoppreacher I was about to flunk out of college when I found his first mixtape, and I was over with from there! His STRAIGHT UP way of speaking is a slap in the face at first, but sometimes that’s what you need to wake tf up 😤 Don’t go through something, and come out the other side weaker. There’s power in your pain. There’s strength in you struggle. Embrace it! USE IT!

🤔 My face trying to figure out how I gained all that weight last year #BunBoys 😂😂 It’s crazy to think that was just 9 months ago! Seriously looks like before and after pregnancy photos 😭 You don’t realize the weight you put on until you sit back and look at some old photos 😅Had to remind myself that I’ve been here before and I know how to get out of the cycle. No matter how far you may be from your goal, get up and get after it. Don’t wait. I didn’t get like that from one hot dog bun. It was the compounding of hotdog buns (and a whole lot of bad habits) over time. Let’s get after it y’all! Here’s to a year of better health, consistent habits, and steady progress 💪🏾💪🏾 Left pic (Jan 2018): 247
Right pic (April 2017): Approx 290

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