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Dan Bruskewicz  Humdinger, folksinger TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb

We'll be freaking out the @ArdmoreMusicHall Spring Beer Fest on 4/8. 👹🍻 "Beer is continuous blood. A continuous lover."

Grape Kong. 🍇😈 📷 by @focusedonbeer

That's a spicy radish

Babies with rabies! 📷 by @macnet

How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss??

Went to the beach on my birthday in February because @macnet prayed to Satan. You're welcome!


Happy Valentines Day!

Flight attendants on Rainbow Road. 🍄

Pic by @bornugly69

Alternative facts!

He's a starrrrrman! 👽🎸 @Olmie_Oh_My Pic by @SweeneyBob

2013 // Nashville
This is what it's all aboot. 👢