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Dancing out the Door  TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb on Spotify ↙️💀

Solid gold hits. 🌠
Very excited to announce our limited edition Vinyl release party at @JohnnyBrendas - Sept. 15!

Sanctuary City

Finally! Excited to announce our new record "Dancing Out the Door" will be released Friday, October 13 on @OutOnGoodBehavior!✌️
📷 by Neal Santos

From "The Foolish Foe" by Sun Ra 🌖🌍⚡️
#Charlottesville #ResistOpposingForces

Dream it 'til you mean it
A portrait by @Macnet

Clowning around w/ @PigIronTheatre✌️
Photo by @johnchawthorne

Donkeys and diamonds
Photo by @NealSantos

Just gonna leave this right here. #TransPeopleAreNotABurden.
Chart by @DatavisualCharts

We didn't take drugs and take photos with @NealSantos

Test pressings are hear 💀
(Take a test listen)

Enjoying our summer vacation.