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Tyler Kingery 

Why pick just one hero?

Beautiful night for a drive-in!! #hummelsdrivein

Stephen...if you would only stay i would so help you with this mod for your Prius!

Had some good help replacing some ductwork under the house, Mike Holmes...eat your heart out 😆#holmesminime @make_it_right

When you install led lights for one...you quickly see you have to install some for the other. #iwantwhatshehas #iwantwhathehas #thestruggleisreal

There are a lot of growing pains we as parents (not our children) go through as we learn along the way just what it really means to be a dad or a mom. More often than not I feel as if I am failing them, people look at me funny at times when I have said this in the past and tell me I'm a great father or something to that affect. But they are my kids and I hold a pretty high standard for them which also includes how I as a father should parent them. So when I fall short like loosing my temper or catching myself being present physically but not mentally I am typically pretty hard on myself no matter what anyone else's perceptions are. Then there are weekends like this past one. Like when I set up the tarp and bring his chair, food and iPad to keep Max appeased while I plant sunflower seeds only for him to drop everything just so he could be next to me and help. Or when I took AJ to ballet and she gets a dance move right and looks over her shoulder hoping I was there to see and when we make eye contact her smile lights up the room knowing I saw her. Or lastly when my early morning is just around the corner and we can't find Max's paci anywhere and I throw on some old sweats and go to the grocery store to get a new one. The whole time I was walking through the store i was literally thinking to myself, I wonder if these kids will ever know the sacrifices we made as they grow up? Only to get home, give max his paci, go to kitchen to get some stuff ready and suddenly I hear little footsteps running towards me. I turn and max throws his arms around me in the biggest hug as if to say thanks dad. Trying to choke back tears he turns and runs to his room and puts himself to bed leaving me stunned in the kitchen not knowing what to say or how to react! I say all of this not to try and act like I'm the perfect dad because LORD KNOWS! I am not...far far from it. But maybe I am too hard on myself, these moments sure made me think that way. These are the moments as parents that we live for. So for all my friends out there that are new parents..don't be so hard on yourself, give them all you have. Try your hardest and realize that we are all just learning along the way. ✌🏼

Love the snapdragons! Anxious to see what kind of height we get from this variety. #flowerfarming #gottastartsomewhere

Finished planting the first round of sunflowers with this little guy. Actually is a pretty good helper ;) #flowerfarming #gottastartsomewhere #johnnyseeds

First time at the beach and he's so obsessed with the sand he doesn't know which way to go...THERE ARE SO MANY PLACE TO PLAY! #worldsbiggestsandbox #greatlakeskitefestival #grandhavenmi

Trying to get the sunflowers planted before the rain ☔️ 5 feet at a time to try and extend the season a bit. #flowerfarmer #gottastartsomewhere #learningasigo

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