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Tj Eisenhart 🦋  Let’s #spreadlove, this is my purpose. Everyone on this planet has a purpose. Let them feel love and support. Let’s be the start. Love my goddess 🦋💙💍🌊

I loved last week, I suffered like a dog. One of the worst weeks I’ve ever had on the bike. But those are the weeks that we grow. It’s super easy to start to play the blame game. Its easy to kick your self while your down. It’s easy to tear your self up. Others will try, others will focus on reason why you had a bad week. This is the body, the body is beautiful the body is remarkable. Our body’s are not machines. I never want mine to be, no mater how painful it is to be in a bad place. That place humbles you to either stay down or pick your self up. I love this beautiful life. I’m so blessed to have these challenges. Blessed to feel the body. 🦋 #goodvibez

Happy Father’s Day Pops! Love you buddy, so blessed everyday to learn from you. 🦋 #fathersday

This is my beautiful fiancé Heather. The first night we met, we sat out side her apartment and talked about absolutely everything. We where up tell 4am learning about each other, sharing all. We both knew that what was happening between us was something special, we opened up about our dreams, our fears, what we loved about life. I felt like it was the first time I was seeing someone. One of my favorite things I learned about Heather was she is an incredible writer and poet. She shared with me a few of her poems, as she read you could see how she opened up. How what she was sharing was very special to her. I instantly fell in love with her writing. Here is poem she wrote about me. One of my favorites. Tj
There’s a globe on her nightstand
That her eyes gaze onto
When she drifts to sleep at night
There’s a song that she plays on repeat
So missing him hurts less
There’s a sun that shines upon her chest
When she craves his honey kiss
There’s a hint to every letter in I Love You
It sounds something like this
Infinitely intertwined
Loving his soul and mind
Opening up her windows
Veranda and fine wine
Evenings flutter in so sudden
Yearning for his breath
Or rhyming to the words I love
U and never any less
I love you 🐺🦋💙🌊💍💙🐺#love

What a birthday, first off thanks to everyone for the beautiful messages. Today was an absolute terrible day on the bike. Suffered a lot from the cold. Really broke me down. Has been a few years since I’ve broken down like that. This is so exciting though, because the last time I broke down like this, the last time I was humbled to the ground. I came up even greater. After the race I had the beautiful opportunity to talk to my amazing family and my remarkable fiancé. This reminded me of what truly matters in life. I’ve been blessed with so much peace, love, and happiness. What a great day it has tuned out to be! Much love to everyone. Love 🦋 #24 #birthday

The general public is tired of cycling because it’s so serious. These days, the rhetoric is so scientific—everyone is talking about how much weight someone lost or how much power the last guy used up the mountain. There aren’t “normal” people reading cycling articles because it’s a language that only resonates with a small group of people. I’m trying to change that.

Last year (also my first year with Holowesko|Citadel) I was reminded of what’s really important: cycling should be fun. This team encouraged me to be me and helped me to come into my own. It started with the turquoise necklace that I wore to team camp. Other teams would have told me to take the necklace off, but here, they embraced it. So I kept wearing it. The Native Americans say that every crack in the turquoise represents negative energy being pushed away, and that’s what the turquoise began to represent for me—positivity. Others started noticing the turquoise and asking about it, so I began handing out turquoise bracelets, and somehow it became a “thing.” For me, it’s all about spreading good vibes. I find a lot of peace and happiness in the turquoise, so I want to share that with others.

I believe everyone has a purpose, and in the past year, I’ve found mine. My purpose is to spread happiness and love and peace. And the only way I can really do that is by winning races, because when I win, I get a microphone, and then I can spread the positive vibes to others.

I realize how lucky I am. At the end of the day, I’m riding a bike—it’s unreal that I get to do this for a living. We may have hard training days or stressful times, but we are so fortunate to do what we love on a daily basis. The crazy, spiritual meditations I get when I’m riding … that’s what I try to reach every day.
With love TJ 🦋

Back up in Canada for @tourdebeauce! So excited to get back at it. Should be a fun week of racing with the boyz! 🇨🇦🦋🇨🇦 #goodvibez pc- @travisj_lifestyle

Was awesome having breakfast with my beautiful fiancé yesterday. We were talking about what I should paint next. @heamichellee came up with the amazing idea for the three chimps. The three monkeys are Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Kikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Iwazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. 🙈 #acrilicpainting #paint

Panda series. Finished this piece yesterday. Very happy with how it turned out. Shoot me a message if Interested in purchasing this piece! 🦋 #acrilicpainting #panda

Panda I finished yesterday. Really stoked with how this piece turned out! If interested in purchasing this piece shoot me a message. #panda #art #acrilicpainting

Still can’t believe I get to spend eternity with the love of my life! 🦋💛🌊 #engaged

Asked the love of my life to marry me the other night. Words can’t describe the happiness I feel with this woman. I love you @heamichellee! 🦋💛🌊💍 #engaged

Summer nights are the best nights! 🦋💛🌊#goodvibez

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