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Chapter 1~
"I'll be back later" you yelled to your dad who was down the hall. "Be careful" he said. He always said that. He cares so much about me. I guess he feels bad. I have no memory of my mom. She left us when i was only 1. I'd like to say i never think about her but that would be a lie. Im constantly wondering is she rich? Does she live on the streets? Is she married? I dont care;but im curious. Honestly my dad and I are better off with out her. Thankfuly dad has a well paying job. He is a sergant.  Besides dad i have other people that i care about. My best friend Hope. She is insane;but i love her. I also have a friend named Ella. Ella's brother Ryan is Hope's ex. They dont really get along but they talk to eachother for me. Life would be perfect if i could just have my dream boy.

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