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Mariah  #METOO #STILLSTRONG Wattpad Name: KStrong

It's been an eventful week and now I have to get mentally prepared to go back to work wit dem peoples #pineapples I'm not ready lol 🤣😋 #work #kevinhart

My sister is friends with a licensed mechanic and she waits 2 hours of us struggling to get a tire off (and I bought a drill). When she calls him he comes and does it in all of 5 minutes (without the drill!!).
Wasted money. Wasted time. I felt like Okoye from the Avengers.
#blackpanther #theavengers #infinitywar #cars #mechanics #okoye #wandamaximoff

One day I was working and a customer came into the store. As I was helping him at the cash register we were having a conversation. I forget how the topic came to be, however, this male told me he doesn't believe in Jesus Christ. He believes Jesus was just another man who gained too much attention. He said: "I don't pray to this 'Jesus character'. I cut out the middle man and get straight to GOD. It's better that way."
Jesus is alive today, tomorrow, and forever.

They're playing monopoly and I got them to eat cheese w/crackers and nutella instead of chips and fruit rolls ups. I feel accomplished #onpoint #boss #kids #healthyfood

Each year at least 50 thousand lives are taken away by drugs. That's in the U.S. alone. Each year someone doesn't make it out. My prayers go out to every person and family who is battling, or has lost, their fight with drug addiction.
However, today help me celebrate a victor: my mother, Michelle. It's been 16 years since the she said "no more" and with God's help it's been strong. There are no words to describe how grateful I am that my mother is one of blessed to make it through. Philippians 4:13
#survivor #drugaddiction #butgod #soberday #soberissexy #justsayno #jesus #free

My mom is and will always be my best friend and the perfect fan. I love you, Ernie. Happy mothers day. #ThePefectFan #mothersday #backstreetboys

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all. Because of God, Im grateful that I'm not where I was last year. #thanksgiving #thankGOD #imblessed @jazminjhamilton

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