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Yesterday , I cat called . And yeah . 😹
Ended up walking side by side all the way to the restaurant and we parted . She hung out with some dude at the restaurant 🙄 Didnt see her today tho .

Before i go berserk , food , i need .

Dog .

So i got too close to take this photo and someone freaked out and made a distance , avoiding me 😂🍭🐺#thisdoghasaprettyface #gambariniharam #samakafterseeingthis #ilovedogs #screwyourmentality #itsadogslife #dogsofinsta #dogs

Real hair . Real vibes . Good vibes #isuckatcaptions #sorrynotsorryatall #hairendorsements ?

The Chemistry between all of us !

It has been a lovely journey .
I'd rather just stay at the set , experience and learn whats happening behind the monitor and just to be around everyone on set . A wrap for episode 2 with our amazing director @kabirbhatia_022 . Beautiful emotional night 😭
▪️missing in this photo is @tonyeusoff and @emeldarosemila.
Now we're moving on to episode 3 with the next director . Excited ! Godspeed ! #projectmerdeka 😭

Suatu Pernah by @fynnjamal .
Suatu yang pernah dulu juga , lorong yang kosong ni menjadi laluan orang ramai
Sesuatu lagu ni . Beautiful song .
Was listening to this song and realized how beautiful the lighting was outside . Decided to record and edit this .
Habis sudah madah
tak ada satu pun yang tertinggal
setiapnya telah
kau ambil dan terus kau jual.
seolah tak pernah memakna apa,
seolah tak pernah kau inginkannya,
tak pernah... suatu yang pernah
#tizzaqyah #iphone #video #music #videography #mood