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I have a problem with daily motivation to get up off my butt and go work out. My brain finds excuses to not go. "You've already had such a long day." "Just do this one more thing around the house." "Missing one won't hurt anything." But then the one turns to two.. then three.. then four.. What are some tips or tools you all use to help avoid moments like these? Is there something that always motivates you to get out there and make change happen? What works for YOU?

So happy to say that in my intro week I went to class 6 out of 7 days! Finally starting my intro month. Goal is to fill this punch card up! Love it so far!

Me too, printer, me too... M1- 3 tbs nuts
M2- Blueberry Chia Muffin
M3- Chicken wrap with light ranch
M4- S'mores Luna bar
M5- Turkey taco salad

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Happy #winenotwednesday!! This glass goes out to all the TIU teachers fighting the treats brought to us by teacher appreciation week!

#tiuteam #tiucheckin #tiuhouston #tiuteachers #tiubikiniseries #tiunutritionplan @toneitup @tonedup_teacher @karenadawn @katrinaascott

Had a fantastic time working out with @karenakatrina today during the LIVE TIU workout! It was exactly the push I needed to make sure I ended this Tuesday strong!
@toneitup @tonedup_teacher #toneitup #toneituptuesday #tiucheckin #tiuteam #tiuhouston #tiubikiniseries #tiunutritionplan

Post workout walk with my favorite little man. ❤️ #tiucheckin #tiuhouston #tiuteam #tiubikiniseries @toneitup @tonedup_teacher

Today's meals were great! M1- Overnight Oats with blackberries. M2- Chia seed pudding. M3- Guacamole Quinoa Salad. M4- Kind bar. M5- Turkey taco wrap and a few dark chocolate chips to satisfy my sweet tooth! Unfortunately my workouts didn't happen today. While I felt discouraged for a while I remembered what I promised myself. This is supposed to be a CHALLENGE. I have to keep moving and get back on it tomorrow. Goal for tomorrow? Fill out the entire Bikini series journal page with my successes!! #tiucheckin #tiuhouston #tiuteam #tiunutritionplan #tiubikiniseries

Absolutely in love with the Pick-Me-Up Chia Seed Pudding! Such a great treat in the middle of the day!
#tiubikiniseries #tiunutritionplan #tiuteam #tiuhouston #tiucheckin

First tray dinner ever! SO good! I can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow!!
#tiucheckin #tiubikiniseries #tiunutritionplan #tiuhouston @karenakatrina @toneitup

Love this post from Erin Condren! Happy day one of the TIU Binkini Series!! I'm already feeling lighter than yesterday. I had an extremely heavy meal yesterday and I just didn't feel good for the rest of the day. I'm so excited to start this journey. My goal: finish the challenge!!
#tiucheckin #tiuhouston #tiubikiniseries #tiuteam #tiunutritionplan @karenakatrina @toneitup

Been feeling motivated for this workout all day! Making a change one day at a time. #fitness #motivation #tiu

Finished my first @laurengleisberg workout today. Had to modify the last two rounds but I finished it!! Step #1!

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