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Brie  Seattle based TIU girl. Fighting cancer and still living that TIU Mermaid life!

Even though I can't work out right now (counting down the weeks, I think maybe in three weeks!? One more round of chemo and a little recovery time) I'm still reppin' the team and keeping my dinners #leancleanandgreen!

Fresh juices for the week. I tried all need recipes and there wasn't a bad one! Sharing my favorite from today below.

I juiced a butternut squash today...how wild is that? I also made a super hot green juice I am in love with. Chris and I had fun tasting each one as we finished making it. Some of them we we're a little skeptical at first but they were all super yummy.

Fall Back to Summer
* 1 sweet potato
* 1/2 cantaloupe
* 1 pear * Cinnamon
* 1 inch of ginger

My two favorite boys! Chris put together a lovely morning fire for our breakfast. It's hard to want to pull myself away to go meal prep and juice for this week.

First snow of the season. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad! I just received beautiful patio furniture that I've been taking advantage of and spending some cozy nights with Chris on the patio with our fire pit but I also love a good fire indoors too!

Back from chemo weekend and checking in for #tiumealprep! Chris and I are prepping crock pot meals for the whole week and it's been fun. No matter how my health slides I know we are all set to go with #tiuapproved meals.

I can no longer work out but my focus for round 2 of #tiu21 is to really be aware of what I'm eating and get back into the swing of meal prepping. When I prep I know I have a much higher rate of success. Plus it's fun to be in the kitchen with Chris even if it's sitting at the kitchen table cutting veggies!

It's a Chemo Weekend so I'm sitting in bed watching @projectrunway and doing some knitting from the summer issue of #interweaveknits. I saw this cape on the cover and just had to make one!!

Happy Monday!! What a weekend! Saturday I spent all day sewing my Poison Ivy costume and after trying it on (and it fit!) I busted the zipper taking it off! I grabbed my Star Trek Playboy Bunny costume and my bear onsies. I ended up wearing the bear onsies to the TIU Seattle Halloween party and it was the best, I was basically in PJs.
I had so much hanging out with @katrina_tiu and @deeanna_tiuseattle (big props to them for planning the event!) and all the other amazing ladies who came out to the party. I got to meet some new girls and hang out with ladies I hadn't seen in far too long!

Finally getting started on my costume for the @tiuseattle Halloween party tomorrow! I have so much work to do! 😢
But in so excited to see all my girls there!!!

I'm finally up and about like normal and feeling much better! However, I know the next round of chemo will likely be just as rough so I'm trying to plan ahead while I feel good.

So what I need from you is your very best TIU approved crock pot recipe. Bonus points if I can prep it ahead of time and freeze it so all Chris has to do is dump it in the Crock-Pot the day of.

One of my very favorite moments from the #tiutour.
One of the most important moments in my #tiulife was getting to share with K&K what the community has done for me and how incredibly thankful I am that I came across these two amazing, loving women and stuck around to see the absolutely CRAZY supportive community that they have grown.

Like most women I spent most of my young adult life in competition with other girls. I was constantly comparing my brain, my looks, my talents, my happiness, my whole life basically with every other woman out there. I was taught that to be the best it means you had to be better than everyone else. I didn't know that you could be your best and someone else could also be their best and it wouldn't dull your shine.

When I first started Tone It Up challenges everything was carefully curated online. I wanted all the other tiu girls to accept me as one of their own. That quickly fell away. Every girl was coming here to do her best, and to link arms with the woman next to her, and say "come with me, let's do it together!". I didn't need to be anyone but me exactly who I was!
I felt that so much during the tour. At the end of yoga, laying on that mat, @katrina_tiu and @fit.samanthakerry both reach out at the same time I did and we joined hands. We felt it and I know there was a time when you did too. That moment during the tiu tour when you reached out to your girlfriend, unbidden, clasped her hand and thought, this was the type of girlfriend I have searched for my entire life. This is who helps makes me a stronger better woman! Who helps me discover who it is to be me and supports me to my potential! How rare is that?

The tiu tour was such a whirlwind of amazing activities, fitness, food, and fun but my biggest take away was the time I got to spend which each of the amazing women who talked with me. There was no awkwardness! You all treated me like we had known each other all our lives. You offered your encouragement and support freely. Isn't that something?! Isn't that amazing?! So thank you all again. Thank you K&K and #tiuhq. Thank all of you!

I might be stuck in bed still but I have the most beautiful view from my window. Lovely rainy day, listening to the rain on the leaves out back.

Not every day can be a good day.
My body is not handling the chemo well this round so I'm stuck in bed trying to recover.

It sometimes hard to accept my limitations especially when I see all you ladies rocking out the first day of the challenge!

I will jump on as soon as I'm better. Until then, get it girls!!!

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