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C H R I S T I A N ▪ Y A N G  Unable to speak my mind verbally, that's why I choose to write. #NEIGHBOURTEAM - @neighbourlist JOURNALIST - @ultimagz


@meidictator probably still can't get over this photo and I mean look at him, he is adorable! HAHAHAHA. And I just realized his glasses' frame is Nike and I mean how cool is that? HAHAHAHA
Nevertheless, it is sad to see him stepping down from the office really soon and how many people on the Internet like to rudely criticise him, his statements, his actions, and even his title as Governor of DKI Jakarta. Between all the toxic politicians and dirty politics, I do believe that he is a good public servant who serve his people with sincerity, however one thing that amazes me since the beginning is his open-mindedness, his dedication, his forgiving nature, and of course his full and eager support for his partner, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (Ahok). .
So, as a Jakartans, I can't thank you enough for the last three years of your administration when I can see and feel real changes in Jakarta. You're a good man and you'll be missed. .
Sincerly, salah satu warga Jakarta yang susah move on.

Indonesian music royalties🔥🔥🔥

Glenn Fredly performed 'You Are My Everything' on the launching of LINE Concert.

Hey Deer, sorry I couldn't make it to the airport but I just want to say good luck and I hope for the best for you. It is indeed sad to see one of my best friends leave (again and more to come). Nevertheless, just take care, brace yourself, be strong, be independent, and explore Australia! I am waiting for endless aesthetic photos that I can enjoy.

I was going to save this photo for a post tomorrow, but it is just so cool! Coolness can't wait!
Sketched by the talented @acheliasetiani

Tempatkan quote pada tempatnya, bukan saat kamu foto selfie terus captionnya quote yang enggak nyambung. #eh

The mandatory Nike Indonesia Office visit photo.

Spot foto kemarin, tampak samping.

I am addicted to shoes so I must admit this is the right spot to modestly brag about your shoes 😋

Rame banget kayak di pasar.

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