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This goes out to my FRIEND, peep the Capital letters!

Happy birthday Kike, I do not tell you enough how much love I now find that I have for you cos we don't get emotional like that😁

You are simply amazing and deserve all of God's grace and favour.

Thanks for being there through all my disasters. I LOVE YOU KIKE🙈 Had you paid for my flight, you would have had my awesome presence with you but o well... you do not appreciate me enough. Mo miss e gan!

Have a blast! @qix____

Stuck in bed all day... Being that the average IQ of Nigerians is 67, the government will commence projects on how to stop rain and the citizens will make jokes about the flooding #nationfullofcomedianswithnotalent

... Your job is all you do. Strike a balance between your work, personal time, family and hobbies.

#thegrandatriumlekki #worklifebalance

My stories are always lit. See focus🤣😐Games Night was fun. Theres something out there for old people to do with the free time😁

#baileysbakefest with my baby longtime @iyinolabrowne 😁

Onyinyechi, you will see this on facebook 😂 I don't know why you are lost on IG!
Yes! #issafamilyaffair Happy Birthday to my twin cousins in whom I am well pleased! @chinyereosuafor and Onyinyechi. And Mijn heerlijk @zhanaplas

I shall reserve my epistle for whatsapp call🙈

I can't even begin to explain the massive bubble I was hiding just so we could hangout. Where's my Simi oh! @simidrey

#jnxvii Today marks two very special days in your life! Happy birthday! @esosastores It can only be greater testimonies!

I couldn't find a befitting picture, so let's ignore this one and focus on the gist.

Here's what happened to me earlier today.

That's how I strolled into Eco Bank straight from my bed but still looking lit. Next thing, my teller says to me that I am looking different from the picture they have of me, that I am lighter now. Unu anu kwa nu'm eshishi! *sigh* I stared at the guy for 5 seconds and thought "If I dish this okpo the dangerous retort in my mind now, they will say I don't have respect". This is an account I opened since 2007 when I couldn't wait to fly out of that my monstrosity of an Alma Mater, where I was reading like a fool so that children of 14 - 17 won't put me to shame and where I was misunderstood as heck. Regardless, I've never been dark skinned and over the years, I've taken good care of myself with minimal toning😉. Not to say Dark skin isn't lovely, the anu actually accused me of ehnnn... what will I call it now? Mongo park made it seem as though I have to look like 'ozu' to be natural.

I just took a deep breath, smiled and said "The Lord has been good to us", all in an attempt to be ladylike and also to control my blood pressure. I don't even know how effective that control was as all the things I could have said kept flooding in, on my way out. But its ok, that's what my social media accounts and blog are for. It is well 😇

See who's birthday it is! Chikadibia Okoromadu! My Biafran comrade! Nwadiala! Pounds, Euro & Dollar baby! Nwa eji aga mba! Onu gbajie umu boys!

Happy birthday! Additional grace, wisdom and favour. @chikadibiaa

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