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Tish Taylor 

Scared of water but on a boat. 🐳 #happybirthdaymairin #TandM @rollingrockbeer

Rest easy, Grandma. πŸ’›

That one time we shot a horror short in Big Bear. πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ #murder

Did a video project for school on bullying last semester. My classmates doing the project with me were shocked that I was down to expose my sexuality to the whole class. I was like, "y'all are silly, I'm gay af and proud af so write that shit hella big on my forehead." 🌈 #tbt

Dear Tiny, I miss you and your humongous tongue. (Fun fact: their tongues are black so they don't get sunburned). β˜€οΈ#mcm

Flash back to this solid cuddle sesh with Luuuupe. πŸ™‚ #fbf #lupe #dognoses

T&M ft. 4th of July 🌭#TandM

In my element (in the hot sun on a rooftop) with my ladies. #rooftops #ladies #fellowdualcitizens

Saw my first sea lion today & have never been more giddy. #lajolla #wannacuddle

Hey, @mairinhart and I are well aware that we're borderline insane so we embrace it and make videos doing weird shit we think is funny. (Forgive me for breaking character at the end here - never said I was an actor). Hit us up @tishandmairin if ya wanna seeeeeeeee. πŸ–€

Happy birthday to the best human I've met in the last 27 years. Love you forever, Carlton. #carl @_thecarl_

Gimme all your pups.

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