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Me, described in three pins. From girlfriends who totally get me. πŸ˜‚

We are so FASHION #pfw #nevergettinglaidagain

I need all my future dining experiences to have this pull out drawer next to me. @tomoki_echigo make it happen.

She's going through a phase of creepily staring at me. #whatdoesshewant

Oh hi Emily. #meowwolf

Meowwwwww #meowwolf

πŸ‘‰πŸ€› mind blowing. #runthejewels #rtj #fyf #fyffest

Ok #bjork this turkey costume beats the swan. #fyf #fyffest

Me and daddy. 1997

Last night, Inky decided to loudly drag a large bag of jerky up to our bed, as a gift, at bloody 4am. Today when I came to feed the strays at our studio, one of them dropped this "gift" at my feet. Two inches from my open sandal-ed toes. GROSS. #nomorepresents please.

Me: hey inky, can you look bewildered, confused, slightly shocked, but still cute, all at the same time?

Inky: DONE

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