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Married fourteen years today. Together even longer. I took this photo probably more than ten years ago. 🖤🖤🖤

I did nature today. #zyrtec

Our differences make us stronger. Together. #Repost @nowness #internationalwomensday

This was better than the meats.

The tiger prawns were so good. We got two! Sucked that prawn head dry. @hanselfrombasel potatoes are a waste of space!

My snuggle puddle waiting for me to fly home.

Definitely a more one sided love. #inkyinheat

Happy birthday @geneginny!
May you always have the best bangs.

I wrestled an alligator in the bayou this weekend. 😂 we named him scrot.

This monkey has only been with us for about six weeks and already she has fallen from the second floor to the ground. caught her paw in the industrial fan, and got stuck up at our loft pipes. 3 lives down. 6 left to go.

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