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When you’re at peace with your beliefs, thoughts and perspectives. You don’t feel the need to shove your opinion down the throats of others. There’s a difference with being self assured/aware versus being egotistical. Ps- KJ have a likkle dimple 😍😍😍 #selfassured #selfawareness #ego #knowthedifference

I don’t even need to add anything else. #happyfriday #highervibrations #selfawareness

Stuck between wanting him to feed himself or I should just feed him in order to avoid the mess 😩 lol his face, clothes, wall and high chair is a mess. For him to feel productive he has to wipe the food everywhere 😂😂. Just ago clean it up and tap eh nize.... 😄


Her favorite song ❤️❤️❤️. My little 10 months old...... The amazing Jidae. #mommydaughtertime #Kjnotinterested #JC #Jidae #Daughter #washbelly #loveher #smartypants

Don’t ever be afraid to outgrow people, places and things. The joy is in growth not stagnancy. #happywednesday

Me to this very day, and if I’m not quite sure. I turn back and double check, just to make sure it’s locked 😂

And such is life. Yuh can’t carry everybody wid yuh.

This Sunday Pre Raga bash boat ride. Don’t miss it. Only 200 people. Pure fun and niceness....

Learn to lead and share knowledge without making others feel small. #happywednesday

When you find a restaurant that makes fresh callaloo and turned cornmeal early in the morning 😍😍😍😍 growing up as a child we didn’t have food in abundance, hence still feeling hungry after having dinner from time to time. It was my brother and I responsibility to cook the dog food which is tun cornmeal and chicken back. We would normally season it to make it delicious, so that we could nyam it out 😂 Now our belly full and the dog still hungry, so we would make sure he has enough water to ketch up the rest a him stomach 😂😂😂 His name was Ruff... he was a good little dog. My grandfather also planted callaloo, and we would have it for breakfast on Sundays. Man let me not get started on the stripping callaloo part 😩. Memory lane mawnin. It’s also a beautiful day, all the best to ya’ll... #memorylane #growingupjamaican #childhoodmemories #sweetjamaica

My go to dessert and a huge plus it’s dairy free.... its addicting, I ate all four 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

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