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Tirzah Stands  Love•🎶Art📝•Fashion Share, encourage and stand together The Word ❤️ Prayer is life 🙏🏼 ▪️Love cleanses, beloved ▪️

Just a girl, living in a #mosaic 🌎 ... Our junk can always be transformed into something beautiful

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@karisa_bierman , you are magnificent! I love your work and our friendship even more. Little did anyone know that you brought love and comfort after a tough day, all while sitting in your chair ❤️ You're more than a hair stylist; you're a best friend, an amazing mother and wife, a bringer of life and healing and creativity to many. You love well. Thanks for my fall feels and being intentional.

This morning I am remembering my now friend, @mary_novembery , whom I met in Cambodia and was able to pray for/ over for the first time ever. We laughed and cried in the presence of Jesus. It was so beautiful and I know God is orchestrating something so precious in our friendship. She will be a nurse someday and will love her people so well, I know it. The vulnerability of her heart was so evident and precious. I've realized that's what I love most about relationships and people--sweet vulnerability.
“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” - @brenebrown
How can we be more vulnerable today? Enter into the hard parts of conversation with what and how questions. Explain feelings with feeling words, not judgments. Love harder and look to the only One who can give the true strength to do so.
📸: @troykurz

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You hold me back
Like hair in
A hat,
When I want to run
Or push
And shove; no Son
Forward without reigns,
Steering away from love...
You say freedom is in One thing
Spirit. Truth. The song You sing.
Freedom does not indulge
It serves humbly in love,
This is what's divulged...
Love thy neighbor
As yourself--
But how much love is for self?
Critical, judgemental, defeating
At times?
Or unending grace and mercy despite
Our shortcomings?
A yoke of slavery
Can't burden anymore.
When hard pressed--
Contained, I can't ignore
You bring me into a spacious place.
Can I just remain?
Space is a place
Where the Cosmos formed from
This brilliancy, made
From simple clay pots.
When freedom comes,
Receive with understanding,
We're all free to flow
And free to keep on standing.
📸: @troykurz

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Contentment in the Kingdom is not the absence of the desire for more but it is the unwillingness to let lack, need or conditions rob you of or define your joy or your identity! -Bill Johnson
The man who flipped me off on the freeway this morning now has a prayer covering over his day, which is hopefully full of love. I'm not choosing to believe the small lies that came flooding in during that experience (about myself and about this other human self). Choose love and joy despite circumstances. Let's turn those worries and lies into prayers of thanksgiving. The blood was spilled for EVERYONE and NO one is a piece of trash, deserving of flipping off, or of getting defensive toward on the freeway// cutting off in response to their actions because an eye for an eye will leave the entire world blind.

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🔹Entering into a new season. No one day is ever the same. Appreciate it all. Don't let your heart wane. Keep pressing on. You've got this. A new you can you start now! You're traveling to new and better places and larger heights. Those hurts and pains can come like rain, but so does growth, with it. Remember 10 years ago? How far have you come?🔹

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Everything in the Kingdom, starts as a seed. God supplies the seed of promise, but we supply the faithfulness.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12
There is an oak tree in the acorn, we just need to show up with our faithfulness.
This isn't about us, but sometimes about Abraham, Jacob and Israel combined together! Sometimes our promise is within our children to come. Don't give up on day 364 of prayer and hoping. Keep pressing on. His promises will ring true and you will weep no more. Love and live under His shadow.

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"Rejection—It may be a delay. It may be a distraction. It may even be a devastation for a season but it is not your final destination. You are destined for a love that can never be diminished, tarnished, shaken, or taken. You have a story. May it be His Word that becomes the word of this story you absolutely must tell to the glory of God."
Thankful today for seasons and moments of rejection. We must be passionate about the process, not just the project or outcome we want. I'm talkin' soul work 😝😅. Rejection is part of everyone's process. 🤔 #fomoalert ! We are all so much more alike and connected than we tend to realize at times. Rejection is a painstakingly difficult feeling for me to sit in. I hate it. Try doing one thing a day where you are rejected. It's crappy. I always end up wondering why and sometimes enjoy a stinky pity party. BUT, I've found the most growth deep inside when rejected. The yuck, pain, sadness, etc. comes to the surface and we are confronted with our >>response<<. Oh, hello G R O W T H 👋🏼-- you came just as we had pleaded!
How have you recently responded to rejection? How do you respond to rejection? Remember, you're not "set aside" when rejected; at times, we are "set apart" and this most often is for our benefit. We can't always see it then, but let's just [try] to embrace the process and where it's taking us.......

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Can't get enough of @lysaterkeurst
"The list of things I’ve thought would fix me through the years goes well beyond popularity and relationships. I imagine you could keep adding things you’ve attempted here as well. Life just doesn’t tie up neatly. There are more wasps and more stings; these things are just part of life. But Jesus doesn’t refuse to reach out to us in the middle of hurts and heartbreaks and mess-ups. Our Lord’s divinity has never been hesitant to step into the mess of humanity. He is the great answer to our every desire. And He will not let our need for divine, deep love meant to be fulfilled by Him alone be cheaply met by lesser things. He may very well give us good gifts. He may entrust to us relationships and success and blessings of all kinds. After all, He loves to give good gifts to those He loves. But He will not honor the chase of these things. If we think lesser things can truly satisfy, we’ll forever chase the wind. 🙌🏼🙌🏼It’s an exhausting search.🙌🏼🙌🏼We’re forever out of breath in hot pursuit of becoming someone we perceive we need to be: “One day I’ll become someone’s wife.” “One day I’ll become someone significant.” “One day I’ll live there or drive that or be able to buy things without looking at the price tags.” “One day I’ll hit this benchmark of success or brilliance or status.” We say it with such confidence and then chase >>>everything and everyone<<< that can help make this happen. And in the process we run farther and farther away from the only Giver of good gifts. The One who wants to live a love story with us. Not as the magic genie we occasionally run to for a little dose of divine help. But the One who stills us, quiets us, wipes away our exhaustion, and whispers: “It’s not about you becoming anything. Your soul was made to simply be with Me. And the more you are with Me, the more you will stop fearing what the world might take from you. With Me you are free to be you. The real you. The you honesty called to at the very beginning of this journey."
📸: @troykurz

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💗But then there’s verse 40: “They laughed at him.” In Mark 6 we find Jesus sending out the twelve disciples, and as they preached, “they drove out many demons and anointed many sick people with oil and healed them” (v. 13). Miracles! But we also find verse 3: “And they took offense at him.” We see Him having great compassion on the people who followed Him in the feeding of the five thousand. They all ate and were satisfied by five loaves and two fish. Miracle! But we also see that Jesus and His disciples were physically depleted “because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat” (v. 31). Messy realities in the midst of the miracles. And isn’t it so like us to miss this about Jesus’ everyday life? We hyper-focus on the lines of Scripture containing the miracles, and we miss the details of the mess. People laughed at Jesus. People rejected Jesus. People misunderstood Jesus. We know this in theory, but as I sat on that rock that day, I suddenly realized what an everyday reality this was for Him. And because this was a reality for Him, He is the perfect one to turn to when rejection is a reality for us. He understands. He teaches us from that tender place of knowing this pain personally. And, best of all, He chose to do His miracles in the midst of messy realities. 💗 -- From "Uninvited" by @lysaterkeurst
📸: @troykurz

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