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Nasu 🚀  Cosplayer✧Full-time ikemen enthusiast!! ⠀⠀⠀★ Sydney, Australia ⠀⠀⠀☆ 中文/Eng(¯﹃¯)

A few nights ago tintin started choking and coughing up blood. Blood was pouring out of his nose and he couldnt walk .He was only 3 . I didn’t even have time to dial an emergency number before he let out a cry and passed away on the floor of my room in a pool of his own blood. It was my neighbour’s rat pellets that they left in their yard, tintin chewed on one and the poison spread too quickly through his small body. Please, don’t leave out rodent poison in your yards
Please. I’m writing this on behalf of every worried pet owner whether it be a dog or cat who roams around outside. They cant distinguish your poisonous pellets from kibble . Please dont leave them out in your yard if you know there are pets around you.
Ill miss you tintin... ❤️❤️❤️
Hope you’re watching over me like you always have .
Thank you for the years i go t to spend with you.
Thank you for everyone’s condolences and kind messages, they really mean alot to me . !!

rest in peace, you’re not in pain anymore tintin 18-3-2018

happy birthday, partner in crime and environmental sustainability ☻🚲 drop @chaiiruu some fire comments and send her some spicy memes!!
dabi x toga still my most favourite shoot i’ve ever done 🤤✨ #cosplay

Yare yare 😪
I’m 5 year old lambo on the inside
Who took my fucking candy
📸: @kyasarin96
#cosplay #katekyohitmanreborn

jumped into the TYL cannon today and came out like this... KHR shooting in suit and tie today 🤤💦 i actually glued my eye shut for lambo and i was so blind LOL
more photo with everyone very soon (°▽°) thanks everyone for coming and @kyasarin96 @chaiiruu for shooting📸!!
#katekyohitmanreborn #cosplay

Haven’t updated in a hot minute but pulled out my dusty denki wig and cos’d up yesterday to attend anime party ☻ caught up with people i haven’t seen in ages🤤really motivated me to cosplay again

HORIxMIYA✨I was going to shoot today but ended up finishing work late 😟 Take me back to horimiya and my holidays ww,,,
Hori: @karoruru 💓
Miyamura: @tiranasu
P: @alysael

:-) Haven’t been all that active in actually cosplaying lately but I am working hard on new cosplays for 2018!! Many things baking in the oven right now 😉

Li Syaoran!! 🤤💓 Love this boy so much and finally got to shoot today. Had this costume for over 2 years. ( ˊ̱˂˃ˋ̱ ) Thank you @rayreii_ for shooting me in this heat and the struggle we had using the bubble wand 😂 Otsukare !! #cardcaptorsakura #ccs #cosplay #syaoran #コスプレ

There’s only room for one purple haired boy in Class 1-A and that place belongs to shinsou 😐
#gtfomineta #shinsouhitoshi #bnha #bokunoheroacademia #cosplay

Otsukare!! thank you for fun shoot today 🤤 Best horimiya squad, sneaking into uni two months before sem starts LOL
Thank you @kuroobaka for organising, @rayreii_ and @torajun_ for assisting and @alysael for togging😍
Full video will be coming later hehe✨
Miyamura: @tiranasu
Hori: @karoruru
Sawada: @kuroobaka
Ishikawa: @saabon
Yoshikawa: @phasaku
Sengoku: @ryskaa00
Remi: @chaiiruu
Iura: @mukuroma
Kouno: @0l0l00l
#horimiya #cosplay

also i stole this photo off arena

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