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From Head To Tiptoe  All things Mom & Baby / Aria πŸ‘ΆπŸ» / Mama @frmheadtotoe / Daddy @ben.ja.mins

11 months old and still no teeth yet but I swear it's any day now because she's become a drooling crankmonster at nap time! 🀀😈
Grandma says daddy @ben.ja.mins was a late tooth bloomer too, so we figure it's nice not to worry about teeth brushing for a little while longer 😁

Exactly this face: 😫

First word: Wow!

Is this how bibs work? πŸ˜…


First time sitting in a restaurant high chair! She's still pretty small for it but she likes the independence of having a seat at the table and nibbling on bits of grownup food πŸ™ƒ

One thing I never knew before experiencing it was just how much FUN introducing solids was! From seeing her horror the first time she tried avocado chunks πŸ₯‘ (Her reaction was HILARIOUS. She acted like we were trying to poison her while we laughed ourselves to tears! 🀣) to watching her hesitation turn into a big grin with her first chicken, it just reminds me not to fear the unknown. New foods, people, places, and experiences make our lives richer and help her better handle growing up in an ever-shifting world. Juney, I can't wait to discover even more about you as you try all the things, messy spaghetti included!

Throwing on my shades like 😎

Superwoman & Superwoman πŸ‘

Already practicing her Princess Mononoke cosplay πŸ€“

Peekaboo! πŸ‘€

Life is like a pool of sprinkles πŸ¦„πŸŒˆπŸ¬

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