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Tiffany Torres  Have Godfidence🙏🏽 Manager/Trainer/ Instructor @bellawomensfitness

More pics/videos to come of our Bella Blinks event today! I wish I got a pic with all our amazing instructors that made this event 🔥. Women who empower other women 💪🏽 Nothing brings me greater joy than to see women step out of their comfort zone and try a class completely out of their element. Thank you to everyone who participated today! Much love and appreciation to you all 😍 @bellawomensfitness @lily_ssp @nicredible @awesomeannalisa @christinamchia #bebellafit #teamlilypiloxing #blessed #womenempowerment #fitfamsa

It's amazing to think I had the honor of being a part of my sister's cosmetology journey from the very beginning. From being just a junior in high school she entered and placed 3rd in the Aveda scholarship competition to today; being her model for her practical, that led to her receiving her license! Dang sis.... this brings me so much joy 😭❤️. I AM your second numba 1 fan! (Mom is first 🤣) I have always believed in you and KNEW there was nothing going to stop you when you decided to go down this career path. I am so excited for what you're going to do with this going forward! Now you can relax a bit and enjoy the cruise coming up because you absolutely deserve it! Follow @luminouslookbybri ! #proudsister #cosmetologist #Godfidence

Just bc the sky looked bright n' beautiful (finally) and I wanted to give a huge S/O to @irun_texas for spicing up my workout wardrobe 😍. I literally walked in to make friends with my iRun neighbors, thennnnnnnn...."SALES" caught my eye 👀followed by 4 leggings and a top 😳🙊. Does anyone else get inspired to workout when they get a new outfit? 🤣 when $85 leggings become $30 and a $45 top is $15...SAY WHAAAAAA?! 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻. I'm glad I got some goodies from their "Christmas in July" sale 🙌🏼 #bebellafit #bellawomensfitness #iruntexas #iliveinworkoutclothes #whatarerealclothes

I love you handsome 💕Thank you for treating me so well and being your loving goofy self. I love church services with you and when you make ramen 🍜😋😍. #mcmeveryday #hemadedinnerformyfam #keeper #ramen #pearlstreetchurch

Same leggings, different top 🤷🏻‍♀️. New 4th of July tradition 😄🇺🇸💥. Swipe left and that was last year July 3, 2017 getting off of prep and consuming everything in sight(beignets galore!) in New Orleans. Not totally sure, but was upper 120s to lower 130s for sure (not to mention completely bloated). This 4th of July, I was at 127.8 and still look about the same size and been eating significantly less. No more 5-6 meals a day and eating every 2-3 hours. I realized from my own personal experience I don't need to do that. (And I promise I am NOT starving myself. That's not wellness lol) Granted, my eating and my training had not been super consistent up until recently, otherwise I'd probably be bigger 😄🤷🏻‍♀️. Goal is to still put on weight (lean muscle), but going about it very differently. It is true when they say to love your body in all stages. Some freak out gaining weight, while I was freaking out losing weight because I've always been skinny. Truly Im at a place of peace with zero pressure to look a certain way for social media or for a competition. I'll openly admit that seeing others obsess over competition, ruining their bodies and mental state altered my views on competing in general. I won't vow to never do it again, but it has no priority in my life. I've been stoked learning and growing from other trainers and fitness gurus and working on becoming a better instructor for my ladies at the gym. I'm so fulfilled focusing less on myself and more on helping others enjoy fitness while working towards their goals. Family cruise is coming up so YES I want to see some abs, but I ain't stressin 🙃 #bebellafit #Godfidence #loveyourself #wonderwoman #fitfamsa

4th of July started off with a 💥BANG💥 With these ladies! S/O to my ladies who came in to WORK this morning! 💪🏽🔥 #happy4thofjuly #freedom #independence #bebellafit #bellawomensfitness #fitfamsa #personaltraining @jonesilicous

No caption needed. Just look at the smiling faces of the eldest grandkids surrounding their loving Lola and Lolo ❤️ #lakedate

💥OMG MONDAY💥 Feelin' super sore today in all sorts of places reminded how much I enjoy getting my 🍑 kicked! If you're a fitness instructor, take other instructors classes! You'll not only learn something new, become inspired, but you'll push yourself even harder because you know someone is now watching you 👀😅#myoneandonlyorangeshirt #sushisocks #mygrandmagotmethisshirt #blackvans #adidascap #mondaymotivation #bebellafit #bellawomensfitness #piloxingbarre #fitfamsa

Special shout out to @hnmcvay for driving in from Corpus to lead an amazing workshop weekend for #themixbypiloxing And #piloxingbarre @bellawomensfitness ! To spend a whole day with you and learn from your expertise was beyond incredible! After putting the bug in my ear 3 years ago to get certified I FINALLY had the opportunity to do so and chose Piloxing barre as my first Piloxing format to certify in. I'm in love with it! It was such a great day to spend with these beautiful women who drove from Austin, Corpus, and even Dallas! Truly a pleasure getting to know you all❤️ We are ready to share with our hometowns what this amazing industry is all about! 🔥#bebellafit #piloxing #fitfamsa #sundayfunday #strongissexy

Ladies , ladies, LADIES!!!! @bellawomensfitness Is thrilled to have Master Trainer @hnmcvay from Corpus Christi, Texas leading our weekend workshops!!! Master Class is open to anyone for $10!
The Mix - Saturday June 30th @ 1pm!
Piloxing Barre- Sunday July 1st @ 10am! #bebellafit #themixbypiloxing #piloxingbarre #fitnessworkshop #strongissexy

Happy happy FRIIIIIIYAAAAAY🙌🏼🔥. It sure felt amazing to be back at it w/ @chelseeya_later. Upper & lower biceps worked ✅ it was my turn to come up with the workouts today and There were moments when I was like "omg why 🤦🏻‍♀️😩😂" I'm so glad we both have the same willingness to deal with each other's madness 😬 #fitfam #biceps #hammies #girlswholift #flexfriday #friyay #thepumpwasreal #fitfamsa

Class was 🔥🔥🔥 tonight! These ladies (plus 2 not featured) killed their workout!!! Balance, booty sculpting, core strength, flexibility, toning , and tightening ... is there a reason you shouldn't be in my heated ballet barre??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Join me! Tuesday's 10-11am & 7-8pm, Friday 10:15-11:15am (heated power barre) #bebellafit #beyourownkindofbeautiful #heatedballeybarre #booty🍑 #summerbody #womenempowerment #strongissexy

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