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B a s e d R e m  🍹 Flare Corona 🍹 ❄ Blueberry Rem ❄ 🔷 VMC 🔷DM me cool stuff ily guys 🔷Backup: @blueberryrem 🌸 Not a loli I swear 🌸 🀄 I'll be Miho 🀄



Oki I just ate

How does one aquire this rare skill

I'll be there by 7 but don't worry I'm still here

More jail

Has a lewdberry


wew woke up late again gmorningw

Aaa gnightw

wew still haven't done anything all summer

Hmm I've been playing Tales all day I might need help idk

Stay safe out there and don't run into any wolves

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