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jossée bernier  ᒎᓰ ᐯᕐᓃᐅᕐ | 23 | lac cummings/Oj | artist of sorts | I paint with my heart, my hands just translate it.

Just completed an 8 day snowshoe excursion with some of my community members. Talk about pushing physical boundaries. I definitely proved that I underestimate how strong I am, both mentally and physically. As tough as it was, it was also so incredibly beautiful, in many different ways. The stars at night were surreal, and so was the wind sometimes haha. Sleeping in a tent in the winter gives you some pretty crazy dreams too haha. Was an emotional journey for sure, both during and at our arrival. Seeing my family waiting at the culture village made the entire journey worth it - that welcome home is etched in my heart forever. I'll never forget my first wellness journey, and especially that feeling when we finally crossed the lake onto our homeland. Nothing motivates you more than knowing you have a community standing at your side...and also a hot bath waiting at home haha. I have so much to say about it all but I guess I won't give it all away all at once. All in all - glad to be home but I am missing it all already.

August 5, 2018 // breaking your selfie algorithm because selfies are nice and all but when was the last time you seen a mountain view? Backyard of my grandparents ✨ also I'm really just missing summer

I just got back from being in the bush for a week and in all honesty it feels kind of numbing to be home again. You hear it so much that there is healing in the land and I've always preached and respected that but I never fully understood it, not until this week. Not until I woke up to an elder making coffee before the sun rises and when the golden rays hit my face when it finally does. Until I spent the entire day sewing by the fire with hot coco or tea because the weather was too violent to go outside. Until I finished sewing all day long with my hands and fingers still sore but starting another project regardless. Until I sat all day long with an elder exchanging stories, laughs, silence and even tears. Until a moose was brought back and the fish net was full. Until I really witnessed the hard work it takes both mentally and physically to live in the bush. Until I laid in my sleeping bag at night with nothing but the wind and fire crackling around me. Until the things I often don't realize I'm still struggling with gently tap me on the shoulder and ask to sit with me because I now finally have the space and time to greet them, understand them better and if I'm patient - let them go. I've gone to the bush so many times before, both leisurely and to learn, but not like this. This time was different, and I believe that is because I am now different. The land and that way of life has never changed, it is me who has. I can't even begin to tell you what this journey was like for me, I'm sure most won't understand but I can share with you some of my inner thoughts and a photo of the last sunset I got to witness while at Lake Wopasite. I hope in sharing this you remember who you are and where you come from. I have the deepest and utmost respect for our old ways and I hope to be able to learn them from my elders as much as I can so that I can pass them on to my own children some day. Living off the land was not just survival, it was a way of life. A deeply rich and gratifying way of life. My spirit understands this, and now my mind and body begin to follow. I have so much yet to learn, and it will probably last a lifetime, a lifetime I'm hopeful to live.

If you ever have to walk away from a toxic person, do it in snowshoes - your ancestors would be proud.

This photo was accompanied by a long post but I realized personal problems require personal solutions, not always public scrutiny.

I really liked this photo until I realized how funny my hand looks, reminds me of that guy from Scary Movie "Give me your good hand! No your other good hand!" "This IS my good hand!!" It's even funnier when you zoom in // also shout out to @taniasibi for making me look like a bush gangsta 🌝 // This is the photo I'm gonna show my grandkids and be like "look how hip your Gookum was back in the day"

A person can breathe out here.

Throw back to August 2015 // climbed the mountain in Oujé with one of my friends and during the hike down, the sky offered an array of colours that last only a few minutes. I will never stop loving sunsets and I will always be thankful for being able to experience them.

Been (learning) to show up for myself for 23 years and that's not about to change. 🌹

Christmas from up here definitely looked at lot more prettier // enjoy your day folks, tiss the season to be warm and bright. Ventured up here and then made some home-made hot coco because I don't ask for much in life and I'm content with just this.

The sky was a mood
There's going to be a meteor shower tonight but something tells me there's going to be an overcast. Maybe that's a mood too

Sometimes, you read something that just hits you, this was one of those things. It's been an intense year of grief, love, freedom, and facing the truth. I can feel my older self shedding away as I learn to surrender to the process of letting go. Although, this never means it's easy. I've had to make choices that some could not understand and I am sorry if that may have hurt anyone in the process. .
I am on a journey of deepening my connection to life source and I listen to my heart more than anything, but this often leads me to making decisions that strip me away of my comfortability, my expectations, and often times my surroundings. If I go against it and not make these decisions, life finds a way to do it for me and this usually ends up hurting more. Nobody knows my journey better than I do and I am learning to accept that. I've always felt the need to justify myself, this need weakens with each passing day. Those that are committed to misunderstanding me actually has nothing to do with me. I will keep on living my truth regardless. Growing through the pain.

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