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Husain Ariff  I hate to post bad pic. I'm too lazy to sort out and edit the pic i took. Vicious cycle that i'm stuck in.


[Day 6]

When you arrive at 6 in the morning and you can't even keep yourself warm. Go for a walk.

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[Day 5]

Who said that breakfast need to be a healthy one.

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[Day 4]

Arrived at Arrandel. Got cheated by the Leprechaun.

#kingpleasure #2017wintertrip #german

[Day 2]

Thinking when are we going back home. -4°C

#kingpleasure #german #2017wintertrip

Day 1 [Done]

Touchdown n get a place to stay. Move on to the next day.

|Congratz post|

Tahniah bro ! Semoga bahagia hingga ke jannah :) Ras el Bahr | 2nd year | The sea Buskers

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A snowfall to remember

55' ago marks the end of 2016 and the start of 2017

It was a bitter sweet year for me. Too many downs and too little ups. Even so, I cherish every moment of it. I hope this post will forever embed all those memories in my mind. In case I forgot, I hope this post will refresh what had happened this year. So, farewell my old self and welcome my new self.

Grindelwald | Switzerland
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Take a moment and get a good nice deep breath.


Still editing 100/400 @@

Tp biar kita belanja gambar budak segan lu :p


Gi beraya rumah kawan, x de kueh bro.


Ramadan comes and goes,
The good deeds we do stays forever,
The habits we practiced gets stronger,
Hope we are blessed to see the next Ramadan.

Advanced EID MUBARAK to all my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

P/S: Geng ALX jgn bash saya, post ikut jam MESIA :p

41killed more than 200 injured -AJ+

They only show what is convenient for them and their plan.