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Angela LaMonica  baby Dior✌ Pedro ain't about shit.

*DON'T FREAK* just wanted to post this pic from a long time ago when we had to rush Pedro to the E.R. in the middle of the night. He woke up screaming in pain and we were unable to communicate with him so off we went. I was so scared I held him in my lap the whole ride to hospital. This first pic captures the moment when he finally fell asleep and they were able to scan him. The second pic is me telling him it was just a fart baby. Anyways I'm really pumped that we're not going to lose our very expensive health insurance. I would do anything for Pedro even pay overpriced health insurance. #fbf #fartbaby

Some things you can't unsee #babysfirstphotobooth #lulu #shemyBB2

Lil P trying new foods #vineisdead


Our attempt at spring break🏝#familyselfie #pushpop


Hey. Oh nothing. I'm just watching Edward Scissorhands with bubby here.

Lil Benny is gettin too big #wokeuplikethis

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