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lil evil  don't fuck around and get attached


follow my bby angel @binkabee !! she's such a babe

follow one of my besties @thatcaliforniakidd !! he's so close to 4k & peep the link in his/my bio he's almost to his goal! seriously one of the sweetest most genuine guys ever his posts make my day

should i go live

i think insta fucked up again bc a lot of you aren't seeing my posts 😭 so many of u check my page every day though it's cool to see who's super active. Also if you want to make sure you see my posts you can turn on post notifs💕
comment your fave emoji for a spam if you read my captions! 🍒 i like to interact with yall
shirt from @crybabymob
code 'tinysatan' for $ off 💀

u ever roll your eyes so hard your soul leaves ur body? me too

ppl keep asking if im ok in my recents and ya im fine just experimenting w aesthetics i like it raw

everybody ghostin on me bc of instas dumbass algorithm its got me like

wish you were here

hopefully going 2 shoot tonight !! theme is a surprise💕 did i mention this is my fave snapchat filter?

either way it's not Maybelline 👅👍🔪

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