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Kim • Tiny Ray of Sunshine ☀️  Artist • Bullet Journalist • Writer Reflect & create with the lovely power of analog 📖💕 @TinyRayOfSunshineDesigns ☀️ @BulletJournal Contributor⚡️


Did anyone else start off the month with Earth, Wind & Fire's September or was that just me? 😂Finally inked up my beautiful limited edition TWSBI after all these months! Filled her up with the lovely Sheaffer Skrip Green 😍 #bulletjournal #bulletjournalheader #twsbi #notebooklove #leuchtturm1917

August's #BulletJournalMonthlyLog. I love creating timelines for the month! 😍😍😍😍😍 Such a fun way to see how the month went visually! Also love keeping my gratitude log right there so that all the lovely things are all at a glance! I printed out an itty bitty version of my square tracker design because I was so proud of finishing it and putting it up on my Etsy shop (@TinyRayofSunshineDesigns)! I'm excited to put up all sorts of fun things I've mentioned over time also, so make sure to follow along for sneak peeks over at @TinyRayofSunshineDesigns! I also celebrated 3 years of Bullet Journaling, which I honestly forgot over the years what day it was exactly that I began this lovely journey that has made such an incredible impact in my life. The pup turned 1 yesterday and I'm excited about a fresh new month! 😄💛☀️ P.S. I think I'll also make a fun spread of my Etsy designs so I can feel that awesome visual satisfaction of the labors of love I've shared 💛 #BulletJournal #TinyRayofSunshine #monthlytimeline

I've been enjoying this reading log, it's been motivating me to read my new book that I just started reading yesterday. I've had it for a little while, finally got into it yesterday and I'm stoked! I had envisioned making a spread with little book pages and making each one count as an increment of 10 pages so that every 10 pages I read, I can color in a square! I'm coloring with whatever mildliner color I feel like :) yay! I also have room for quotes and other fun stuff that may come to mind. I like this book so far, it's a little meta reading a book titled the book that matters most that's about being in a book club discussing the book that matters most to you 😊 Wanted to try a different style of reading log from others I've tried and I'm enjoying this so far! Almost about to color in the next block/mini page! 😊 #bookstagram #booklove #bulletjournal #tinyrayofsunshine #readinglog #booklog #annhood #BulletJournalCollection #BulletJournalBookLog #BulletJournalTracker

July's #BulletJournalMonthlyLog when I had first set it up. I made a simple vertical tracker with mini icons. The icons meant:
📖 = Read (For the love of words)
🖋 = Write (my thoughts on paper)
📙 = Check-in #1 (with my Bullet Journal)
✨ = Clean (helps mentally)
🚲 = Bike (fun activity)
☀️ = Meditate (for mental clarity)
❤️ = Gratitude (to keep sunshiney)
📘 = Check-in #2 (with my Bullet Journal)
💧 = Lotion (for my dry skin)
🌈 = Art (paint, draw, etc.) •
This is what I narrowed down to be the core things that help keep me centered and balanced each day. I wrote down memorable events that happened on the monthly list. Having the tracker next to the monthly list allowed me to see how well I kept up with things in contrast to what went on each day. I used simple checkmarks to check things off 😊 #BulletJournal #BulletJournalTracker #balance

I like this photo and thought I would share 😊👍 #fountainpenlove

June's #BulletJournalMonthlyLog in a monthly timeline and #BulletJournalGratitudeLog 😊💖 I added significant events in the timeline and updated the gratitude log on an ongoing basis as needed. #BulletJournal #gratitude #Leuchtturm1917 #timeline

Love my new @TWSBI eco(nomical) fountain pen! This shade of turquoise makes me smile 🤗☀️💖 The initial glob of ink is from not wiping off the nib entirely after filling it 😅 Writes like butta! I love it 💙 #TWSBI #journaling

Happy #BulletJournalDay! Today #BulletJournal turns 4! Four years ago my wonderful friend, Ryder @RyderCarroll took the brave step of sharing his lovely system with the world. •
It's wonderful to see such a lovely community grow and thrive thanks to a common interest that is everything that the Bullet Journal symbolizes. •
If you'd like to do something special to celebrate today, consider reaching out to Ryder with a post, snailmail, or a message about how the Bullet Journal has improved your life. I'm certain he'd absolutely love that! •
Today is a celebration of the system and the special person that has brought so much to all of our lives. Thank you, Ryder, for being the amazing person that you are 🤗📖💞🎉📚💖☀️

The other page from the spread I shared before with my adventures with meal prepping. The other page was full of thoughts I had about what I could toss in a salad. After that page, I looked around for some inspiration and found a lovely article named, "How to eat salad everyday and like it" by @barefeetkitchen that inspired this page of notes 😊 Her article along with conversations I've had with you lovelies about meal prep has been a wonderful treat and I am totally a huge fan of meal prepping now! Lunch was a breeze this week, scroll to see some salad photos 🤗💛💕 Now that I got try out meal prep with salads, I'm excited to try meal prep with dinners! If you have any dinners you meal prep, I would love to hear ideas! 🤗💞 #bulletjournal #mealprep #healthylife #sundaymealprep

Happy Saturday, folks! How've you been? Here's a little video with the new stub nib, I feel like I have to write kind of big with it. You can see where I paused while considering which loop I was on between the a and the y 😂 That ever happen to you? #bulletjournal #stubnib #twsbi #saturdaycaturday #handwriting #cursive

Adventures with meal prepping, starting out simply with salads 😊 Excited to finish up meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping for the week to help support my goals 🤗 On that note, what are your favorite go-to breakfasts? #BulletJournal #mealprep #foodislife #sundaymealprep

I couldn't resist grabbing this beautiful turquoise @TWSBI 580 AL Limited Edition fountain pen as soon as they announced it was on sale 😍 It's a beautiful ice-blue with subtle hints of turquoise. I got it with a stub nib this time because I've been wanting to try TWSBI's stub nib for a while now, so I'm excited! Now to figure out which ink to ink it up with 🤔😂 #twsbiholic #twsbi #twsbilove #stubnib #fountainpenlove

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