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Kim • Tiny Ray of Sunshine ☀️  Artist•Bullet Journalist•Writer Encouraging you to reflect & create to design a life you love!📖💕 ☀️ @TinyRayOfSunshineDesigns 📚#bulletjournalchallenge

Hello folks! After some technical difficulties, not feeling well this weekend, and needing to catch up with some things the beginning of this week, I’m SUPER excited to announce something I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to!!!
To celebrate 2 years of the FREE Bullet Journal Reference Guide, I’m giving away not 1, not 2, not 3, but...(drumroll please)...
SIX Official Bullet Journal notebooks in various colors! These are the rest of my lovely Bullet Journals that Ryder @BulletJournal has kindly sent my way over the years - I’m extremely grateful for his generosity! I’d like to pay it forward and share them with you as a token of my appreciation for being so wonderful and supportive of me and my ideas over the years!
Head over to my website to enter for a chance to win one of these beauties! .
#bulletjournal #tinyrayofsunshine #giveaway #notebooklove #bulletjournalreferenceguide #grateful #goodluck
(Giveaway not sponsored by Instagram.)

Surprise! It’s the two-year anniversary of when I first shared the FREE Bullet Journal Reference Guide!! Over the past two years the guide has made its way around the world and helped introduce many to the wonders of the lovely Bullet Journal method! I lovingly handcrafted it to include all the basics @RyderCarroll wants you to know of the @BulletJournal along with pro tips I’ve learned along the way. It’s become an official resource at BulletJournal.com and today we have 27 translations thanks to the many incredible translators that took the time to create them for others to enjoy! I’m moved by your kindness and I’m thrilled every time I see photos of the guide peeking out of someone’s Bullet Journal, resting on their desk, being held up, or however you like to share it! I’m deeply grateful and for that I want to share an extra surprise, stay tuned! •
The languages available of the guide:
Chinese (traditional & simplified)

To get the guide, sign up to our newsletters! Feel free to send over a translation of the guide if you’d like to also! You’ll be part of creating Bullet Journal history 🤗📓💕☀️#bulletjournal #bulletjournalreferenceguide #free #surprise #paperlove

One. 📓
Are you ready for tomorrow’s special surprise?!
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The countdown continues! 🤗☀️💖 #bulletjournal #tinyrayofsunshine #emerald #specialthingsahead

Three...📘📘📘 The countdown begins to something very special on Saturday! 😉🤗💖 Can you guess what it is? #bulletjournal #tinyrayofsunshine #nordicblue #leuchtturm1917 #anniversaryofsomethingspecial

Simplicity is this month’s theme for the #bulletjournalchallenge. It’s a concept that’s difficult to master, but valuable to explore 😊 We’re excited to see what you share this month! #Repost @bulletjournal with @get_repost
I once read that happiness is simple, but simple is really hard. This month we're focusing on keeping things simple, so we've assembled some articles to help. Our new #bulletjournalchallenge is designed to help you simplify with weekly reflections.

If you’d like to participate in the challenge, simply share a photo with a description and add #bulletjournalchallenge to the caption so we can enjoy your lovely insights. Enjoy!
#bulletjournal #bujo #simplicity

Ahhh! So excited to be part of this wonderful project! Thank you so much for this incredibly special opportunity, Alec! Also a special thank you to Ryder for sharing this magnificent system with the world and to everyone who has stuck with me throughout the years as well as lovely new pals! I’m very humbled and grateful 😊💛☀️💖💕#Repost @alecfischr with @get_repost
Today’s agenda: interviewing the amazing @tinyrayofsunshine for #BujoFilm & reflecting on how “cool” weather here is apparently 65 degrees 😂📓🎥🙌🏼

Welcome to the end of the Self-Care #BulletJournalChallenge!

Self-Care encompasses many aspects of our lives and it is our hope that this 8-week challenge has helped you think about your own self-care journey in a meaningful way. We’ve enjoyed seeing your lovely pages and reading what you’ve shared!

Today is all about simply reflecting on your self-care journey, what you’ve gotten out of this experience, and how you’re considering incorporating self-care into your life.

A special thanks to our lovely #BulletJournalCommunity for contributing! Jump in anytime to reflect! #BulletJournal #BulletJournalReflecting #journaling #reflecting #selfcare

Are you ready to turn to April?! When do you set up a new month? #bulletjournal #leuchtturm1917

Welcome to Week 7 of the Self-Care #BulletJournalChallenge!

Self-Care encompasses many aspects of our lives. Professional Care is about what we do and how we feel about our work. This week’s prompts can be useful to think about even if you haven’t started your career yet, are transitioning jobs, or work for yourself.

To help you think about how you manage your Professional Care, consider the following:

- What drives you to do what you do?
- What helps you stay motivated about your work?
- What are some skills you’re interested in learning more about?
- How do you balance your work and personal responsibilities?
- Describe your workspace, do you have what you need to do your work?
- How do you feel about your finances?
- What achievements are you proud of and how do you celebrate?

A special thanks to our lovely #BulletJournalCommunity for contributing! Jump in anytime to reflect! #BulletJournal #BulletJournalReflecting #journaling #reflecting #selfcare #career

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