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Kim • Tiny Ray of Sunshine ☀️  Artist • Bullet Journalist • Writer Reflect & create with the lovely power of analog 📖💕 @TinyRayOfSunshineDesigns ☀️ @BulletJournal Contributor⚡️


July's #BulletJournalMonthlyLog when I had first set it up. I made a simple vertical tracker with mini icons. The icons meant:
📖 = Read (For the love of words)
🖋 = Write (my thoughts on paper)
📙 = Check-in #1 (with my Bullet Journal)
✨ = Clean (helps mentally)
🚲 = Bike (fun activity)
☀️ = Meditate (for mental clarity)
❤️ = Gratitude (to keep sunshiney)
📘 = Check-in #2 (with my Bullet Journal)
💧 = Lotion (for my dry skin)
🌈 = Art (paint, draw, etc.) •
This is what I narrowed down to be the core things that help keep me centered and balanced each day. I wrote down memorable events that happened on the monthly list. Having the tracker next to the monthly list allowed me to see how well I kept up with things in contrast to what went on each day. I used simple checkmarks to check things off 😊 #BulletJournal #BulletJournalTracker #balance

I like this photo and thought I would share 😊👍 #fountainpenlove

June's #BulletJournalMonthlyLog in a monthly timeline and #BulletJournalGratitudeLog 😊💖 I added significant events in the timeline and updated the gratitude log on an ongoing basis as needed. #BulletJournal #gratitude #Leuchtturm1917 #timeline

Love my new @TWSBI eco(nomical) fountain pen! This shade of turquoise makes me smile 🤗☀️💖 The initial glob of ink is from not wiping off the nib entirely after filling it 😅 Writes like butta! I love it 💙 #TWSBI #journaling

Happy #BulletJournalDay! Today #BulletJournal turns 4! Four years ago my wonderful friend, Ryder @RyderCarroll took the brave step of sharing his lovely system with the world. •
It's wonderful to see such a lovely community grow and thrive thanks to a common interest that is everything that the Bullet Journal symbolizes. •
If you'd like to do something special to celebrate today, consider reaching out to Ryder with a post, snailmail, or a message about how the Bullet Journal has improved your life. I'm certain he'd absolutely love that! •
Today is a celebration of the system and the special person that has brought so much to all of our lives. Thank you, Ryder, for being the amazing person that you are 🤗📖💞🎉📚💖☀️

The other page from the spread I shared before with my adventures with meal prepping. The other page was full of thoughts I had about what I could toss in a salad. After that page, I looked around for some inspiration and found a lovely article named, "How to eat salad everyday and like it" by @barefeetkitchen that inspired this page of notes 😊 Her article along with conversations I've had with you lovelies about meal prep has been a wonderful treat and I am totally a huge fan of meal prepping now! Lunch was a breeze this week, scroll to see some salad photos 🤗💛💕 Now that I got try out meal prep with salads, I'm excited to try meal prep with dinners! If you have any dinners you meal prep, I would love to hear ideas! 🤗💞 #bulletjournal #mealprep #healthylife #sundaymealprep

Happy Saturday, folks! How've you been? Here's a little video with the new stub nib, I feel like I have to write kind of big with it. You can see where I paused while considering which loop I was on between the a and the y 😂 That ever happen to you? #bulletjournal #stubnib #twsbi #saturdaycaturday #handwriting #cursive

Adventures with meal prepping, starting out simply with salads 😊 Excited to finish up meal planning, grocery shopping, and prepping for the week to help support my goals 🤗 On that note, what are your favorite go-to breakfasts? #BulletJournal #mealprep #foodislife #sundaymealprep

I couldn't resist grabbing this beautiful turquoise @TWSBI 580 AL Limited Edition fountain pen as soon as they announced it was on sale 😍 It's a beautiful ice-blue with subtle hints of turquoise. I got it with a stub nib this time because I've been wanting to try TWSBI's stub nib for a while now, so I'm excited! Now to figure out which ink to ink it up with 🤔😂 #twsbiholic #twsbi #twsbilove #stubnib #fountainpenlove

Made a color swatch log of my beautiful watercolor palette with a tiny drawn version of it in my #BulletJournal 😊 I made one log with saturated dots to see the intensity of the color and the other with fully painted squares to see more of the color variation. This will make it easier to grab the color I'm looking for when I'm watercoloring. 😌☀️ #watercolor #color

Here's an idea I'm excited to share that I call #visualgoals where you draw out images to help you visualize what you want to achieve. It's something I discovered to be highly effective to help me achieve things because I'm more likely to remember them when I draw them out. The image gets imprinted on my mind and it helps me work on achieving the goal and it's also pretty fun. 💖 It's even more helpful when you can break down the goals into visual steps to make the process easier to achieve. Visual goals can be done yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and in any time frame really. This method has helped me reach several yearly goals 😊 Here I'm sharing this week's visual goals. If you use this idea, please credit and tag me so I can see and cheer you on 😊 #tinyrayofsunshine #bulletjournal #bulletjournalcollection #bulletjournalgoalsetting

Every once in a while I try out a new #BulletJournalWeeklyLog. This week I made it simple with a 4-day view with the boxes at the top for my focus/theme/top 3 for the day, timeline to view my schedule, and the bottom is for tasks to get done over the course of the week. This will work alongside my Daily Logs, as this Weekly allows me to see what's coming up while the Daily lets me create a plan of action each day 😊 Photographed with my right hand in the photo because my left one is still healing from the bike accident from a couple of days ago. The good news is that my wounds are healing up nicely! Still sore, but grateful that I'm okay 💕 #BulletJournal #bulletjournalexperiment #bulletjournallove

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