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Aleksandra Podbereski  Mama. Crafter. Pole dancer. Homeschooler.

Say hello to Neil Armstrong and King Pellinore (in the castle).

How their first time rock climbing went.

He's been asking to wear this jacket ALL winter.

Bedtime in the monster-proof fort.

Thank goodness we live a short walk away. #isthatit #tolightfest

There's still snow on the ground, but because we have no heat and the sun was shining, it was warmer on the deck than in our house today. #alfresco

Maps of their hearts. Note: "spending time with the whole family. <--- not to scale" 💖

So I guess this is what we do now. #erre #performonreform

They're pretty cute. #raisingarunner #runTO

This is what feminists look like. #womensmarchto

I rise. #womensmarchto

We also built and toppled a snowman. #snowday #homeschool

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