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Tracy Zollinger Turner  Wordsmith, anti-perfectionist mommy, armchair space traveler, love warrior.

Perfect walking weather.

Looks like the recycling center engages in some minor trash-picking.

Childhood stays in tact at 12. #wegotastovetoday

"Customer favorites" = Bloomington contains multitudes 📿✈️📷🔫

Babies being babies. #dogsmakeshapes

Benevolent dictator moves by the French poodle ladyface. #newhaircut #dailyrituals #imhelplessagainstthese10pounds

What are you doing in my Indiana neighborhood, Scoob? #zoinks

In a store filled with flashy science paraphernalia + Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC and RPG video game miscellany, one item stood out... #alternativesuperheroes

Wowed by the Giant Leopard moth near our front door. #whatwoolybearsbecome

Contemplating, finding an alternative solution. #obscuraday

Puzzle library. Heaven to certain kiddos. #obscuraday

Poetry on demand at the art museum, written for Declan 💫

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