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Needed the strong stuff tonight. #heartsutra

Performance night. King Oberon & the bower. Now out for ice cream with a whole lot of fairies. 💙

That's a big knife.

I do like this town. MLK Jr. quotes are common in public spaces, and people here do like to remind you that he was a radical (much like Jesus). #martinlutherkingjr #bloomington #latergram

Bookstore mailbox. #Bloomington

Aboriginal Atlas on the wall at the Runcible Spoon Cafe. Beautiful day to enjoy this quirky town.

Blue dress. Moon stones.

I was told just before wintertime that if I really explored my neighborhood, I would eventually find an unmarked place known to the locals as "Mellencamp Woods" because of the local guy who bought it to preserve it. I found it today and explored just a bit. Here is the quiet + mysterious stick house of Mellencamp Woods.
I think you can fight authority here and have an outside chance of winning.

Beagle tried to steal my Valentine. #succeeded #ohwell #irresistibleWalter

Child + peculiar dog balloon + LOML looking on. #domesticadventures #groceryshopping #happyvalentinesday ❤️

Trying to make a boy into a fairy king. #oberon #midsummernightsdream