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Shona Watt  Sustainability educator and community organizer, on the path to homesteading in the city.

Next stop on my zero waste journey...beer! I live right next door to a microbrewery and I realized this week that I can get refills. The beer gets a little flat if you don't drink it within a day or two after opening it, but it's neat to not need bottles!

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We're here at the @concordiagreenhouse until 9pm tonight (or maybe earlier if we sell out!)

Looking for some sweet stuff? I'll be selling my honey at the Concordia Greenhouse Sustainable Holiday Artisan Market this Wednesday from 5:30 to 9pm.

I grew some peppers from a pepper I got from my CSA basket last year. It's the end of the season and I got my first flower today. Does "better late than never" apply to pepper flowers at the end of September?

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I have a small confession: one of my little joys in life is getting an iced cappucino from a certain ginormous Canadian coffee chain. It's loaded with sugar and is a perfect coffee flavored adult slushee on a hot day.
But it comes in a number 6 plastic cup (not recyclable here) and straw (also not recyclable). I always feel super guilty that my 5 minutes of bliss results in forever plastic garbage. Today I tried something different: I asked for mine in my mason jar and they agreed without a fuss!
It's worth asking to reduce packaging at most places. If you're polite, most restaurants and cafés are ok with it. Sometimes the scariest part is asking and getting weird looks, but they get the hang of it.

Individuals going zero waste can often be inaccessible, and we need to definitely focus on systemic change. BUT I see with my own eyes these days how the plastic-free movement is growing every day, and that's all thanks to you trying to go zero waste!

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I think today's the day I can try my first batch of lavender soap! I was taught by a longtime soap maker two weeks ago, and I think it will have cured enough by now to use it. I'm excited to try to another batch by myself in a few weeks!

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I spent a lot of time this morning just watching my bees. I'm thankful for the field of asters and goldenrod that provides them with some of the last summer food.

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The prettiest cow at the #bromefair

Today I visited an organic garlic farm. With all the washing, drying, peeling, and trimming involved, I have a new appreciation for these aromatic bulbs!

So glad these little guys are in season. I've been throwing them in my cereal, handfuls into my mouth while driving, and little tupperwares for work snacks.

After my awesome 2 week honeymoon roadtrip, I was craving something that wasn't fast food. A quick stop at my amazing neighborhood grocery co-op @epicerieledetour led to this mostly vegan and all tasty dinner with my husband (still feels weird to say!).

I visited this dreamy greenhouse full of grapes and rapsberries and rhubarb.

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