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Merithew  inGamba (Fat Man Tours), Editorial Director


Back in Paso Robles with some of my favorite people.

Porch Livin'.

The old man is struggling with sore hips, being deaf and blind, but he still shows a spark for the ball and is always ready to eat. šŸŽ¾ #mrcody

The ol' whip is getting whipped back into shape. Now to go aero or not to go aero. And not much room for those 28mm Vittoria tires I was hoping to put on her. #eddy #leroica #coryistheman

Shmoozing another Big City, powerful photo editor this morning. Still can't get an assignment, but it doesn't stop me from trying. #whatsaguygottodo

The bicycle of my youth being brought back to life for a little l'Eroica action. #eddy #delta #memorylane

#tbt on a Friday night to that one time on the Coast Ride.

Happy Birthday Teddy!!!

Finally, getting back to my commute before the rains start again.

The life of a globetrotting videographer is super glamorous. #playa

Home Sweet Home.

Come on, Xico. Andiamo!!!