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Tin Pei Ling  😊 Embrace each day with positivity! More about me on my FB page.



Peacocks, along with geese and swans, can be seen everywhere here at the forum in Nanning ☺

Pleased to be representing Singapore at the China-ASEAN Mayors' Forum 2017 in Nanning, Guangxi. There will be a series of discussions today. Discussions will centre on One Belt One Road, with a focus on tourism cooperation and smart cities today. Singapore is an early and strong supporter of the Belt and Road initiative, and I look forward to the discussions. Very happy also to have made several new friends so far 😊 In the top photo (below), I was with three of the Mayors from Philippines.
May our friendships in ASEAN and with China continue to blossom 😊

Meet Alvin, a kind young gentleman who went out of his way to help an elderly stranger suffering from stage 4 cancer.
Alvin was on his way to work yesterday as usual when his car was bumped by another. Turned out the car that knocked his was driven by a 65 year-old uncle who unexpectedly blacked out momentarily at the wheel. Uncle got out of the car to apologize and Alvin found out that uncle suffers from stage 4 cancer and was on his way to see a doctor, as he was feeling unwell. Upon learning this, Alvin offered to send uncle to the doctor so that he could receive treatment quickly. Alvin was about to leave the clinic when he decided that he should be around to ensure the uncle saw the doctor and was alright, given his condition. He also helped uncle navigate through the process, while giving him moral support.
Alvin went the extra mile to help a stranger. He could have just left the uncle after the accident (not Alvin's fault after all) or after dropping him off at the clinic. But he didn't. He made sure uncle was looked after all the way until he got home. Alvin's good deed warmed my heart and I hope it will warm many others too. And I'm sure he warmed the heart of the uncle who must have felt very bad and very down. They met as strangers but parted as friends.
Kudos to Alvin and best wishes to both Alvin and the uncle! ☺☺ [Alvin is an engineer, entrepreneur, fitness instructor and a father of a young & adorable little girl.] #FeelGoodFriday #好人好事 #SpreadingTheKindness #ValuesInAction

#Random Amidst the 7th month dinners, a young resident shared that MacPherson is a "卧虎藏龙之地" (a place of crouching tiger hidden dragon). Why? Because we have very powerful uncles who are at very advanced levels in Pokémon Go! 😂 Talk about mastery.... 😉

#DigitalAgeUncles #AgeIsNotAnIssue #Awesomeness #MacPherson #MacPhersonSMC

MacPherson mummies unite and we had our first gathering today - first anniversary post-Zika in MacPherson. 😊

Exactly a year ago on this day, we received news of the first diagnosed case of locally transmitted Zika and the patient resided in MacPherson. We immediately sprung into action to reach out to our community in an intensive effort to share information and give assurance that we will spare no effort to search & destroy mosquitoes and their breeding grounds. On the top of our minds were our concern about the well-being of our pregnant mummies and so we actively identified them during our outreach. Soon, we had more than a hundred mummies on our list. Through the network, we shared information and rendered help where needed in a timely manner during that uneasy period for the mummies.
Today, the mummies in our network have delivered healthy babies and many of them joined us at our little party-cum-baby carnival at the MacPherson CC. More than 50 mummies also registered their interest to be part of a mummy chatgroup to exchange parenting tips and keep that connection going.
After what we had gone through together as a community, nothing delights me and my team more to see the babies doing well with their happy parents. We want to share their joy, but more importantly, we want them to know that we will continue to be here for them in MacPherson. * Special thanks to dear friend Calista Faye @mummyslittlebb for organizing the event! 😘 Many thanks to all the GRLs, volunteers and generous sponsors! ☺ [Photo: some of us today; credit: @vitashanka_ip ]

#MacPhersonMummies #FirstGathering #AtMacPhersonWeCare #MacPherson #MacPhersonSMC

Allow me to also introduce the very Singaporean cheongsam dress I wore for our MacPherson National Day Dinner. 😋 This is specially made from a scarf designed by 2 Singaporean ladies from @BinaryStyle. They specialize in designing scarves with Singapore stories. I bought one with Samsui women, as I admire their grit & resilience and how they helped to build many structures in Singapore. The cheongsam was then tailored by a very skilled Singaporean tailor Gary. ☺ I guess, it is very okay to go "overdose" on being Singaporean during National Day celebrations ☺☺ #AbsolutelySingaporean #MadeInSingapore

Earlier at our annual MacPherson National Day Dinner, we not only celebrated Singapore's 52nd birthday but also saluted all our NS men to mark a remarkable NS50 ☺ So pleased to have 2 these two NS men join us in their #4 today. They look great! We really appreciate their presence - including all NSmen past and present who joined us today. Many thanks to all our NSmen!
#HappyNationalDay #NS50 #MacPherson #MacPhersonSMC

With (some of) our fire-fighting heroes! Many thanks for the quick and effective response from the SCDF and Police officers who came to put out the fire at Aljunied Crescent today! They were courageous and knew exactly what needed to be done. Affected neighbours of the burning unit were evacuated swiftly and the entire situation was under control very quickly. There is no casualty so far - thank goodness - and evacuated residents have returned home in batches. Kudos to our Home Team! 👍🏻 #HomeTeam #SCDF #SingaporePoliceForce #Kudos #FireFightingHeroes

And earlier at the National Day Parade ☺

We held our community observance ceremony this morning at Balam Road. Many residents, young and old, turned up to join in the celebration. We had much fun and the atmosphere was joyous. We sang our national anthem and renewed our commitment to Singapore as we recited our pledge with gusto!
I'm also glad to have brought my son Kee Hau along, to teach him the importance of our community and country. KH is fortunate to receive blessings from our seniors ❤ and to have the many little "gor gor" and "jie jie" who were at the event playing with him 😂 KH better learn how to sing Majulah Singapura soon!

We ended the ceremony on a high as we loudly cheered "Majulah Singapura" thrice. Indeed, majulah Singapore and Happy National Day to all fellow Singaporeans!

Such a joy seeing the smiles on residents' faces during our event this morning! ☺ We had outdoor song performances near the Blk 117 Aljunied Ave 2 hawker centre and gave out Singapore flags. This is part of a series of satellite events that we hold in MacPherson in August every year to celebrate National Day. We want to bring the celebrations closer to our residents because we are all Singaporeans and we want to share the joy. Happy National Day in advance! 🎉

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