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Valentino Agundez  Happy Happy Joy Joy

🌈When you go into Party City looking for Fathers day balloons, but you leave decked in pride swag as well cuz grandpas favorite color is rainbow 😍🤣🙌🏼🌈 this kid is just too swaggy with way too much flavor 😎

Pre School is a wrap for Odawg! So proud of him. Special thanks to @keena1marie for truly making that possible. On to Kindergarten 👨🏽‍🎓😮

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Wakiesha Wilson. Say her name. Wakiesha Wilson. This week we are loving on the memories of Black women killed by police in Los Angeles county.
Wakiesha was a 36 year old loving mother of a 13 year old boy.
She was arrested over Easter weekend in 2016. Wakiesha spoke with her family about attending her court hearing, but when her family arrived to court, Wakiesha was not there. Her mother called the jail for several days attempting to locate her daughter, but received no answers and only referrals to other departments.
Eventually, after days of searching, her mother was given a number to call, and that number was the coroner’s office. No family member should find out about the death of their loved one in that way.
The jail officers claimed that they found Wakiesha unconscious after allegedly hanging herself in her jail cell. The coroner labeled her death a suicide but her family disputes this claim. In addition to telling her family she would see them in court, jail officials have acknowledged that 22 minutes of footage from the jail during the period she was killed was deleted.
Wakiesha was murdered on March 27, 2016 by Tiana Laday, Eboni Bryant, Joanna Magana, Reaunna Bratton, Mayra Ferman, Yumiko Bonilla, and LAPD nurse Crystal Jurado and PA Latonya Hitchcock. A recent investigation by @nbcla revealed that officer Bratton had a history of negligence and disciplinary problems and was fired following the incident. None of the officers have been indicted.
Wakiesha was a mother, a daughter, a cousin, and her life mattered.

From Baby Ocean to Big Boy Ocean. 1.5 years old to 5.5 years old... same sweet smiling eyes 😍

Fellow Academy members, nominations-round voting is now open for the 2018 Emmy Awards. Please consider @cwjanethevirgin in the category of Outstanding Hairstyling in a Single Camera Series 💇🏽‍♀️🎥🎬❤️. On Jane The Virgin we can go from the 1700’s, to the 1930’s, to evil twins and anywhere else the magical realism of Jane’s imagination takes us... all in the same episode! Come along on that hair adventure with us, and please consider us for nomination. We’re proud to be a part of such an amazing show. @zesteforlife @cose_bella__ @hereisgina @andreanavedo @dianeguerrero_ @yaelgrobglas @brookeshields @jaimecamil

And just like that... my nephew Dartagnen (who gives THE BEST hugs... if you need one see him) is 18 and Graduated High School 😍... I’m a proud Auntie of a grown man. He overcame so many obstacles that other kids don’t have to worry about to get here. He impresses me in so many ways all the time. He has the type of genuine heart that heals over and over again, never changing through his struggles, he just loves even harder and stronger through life’s challenges. I love you my Darty Hearty 💚🦖

Floating glow light, Walgreens , $2.49. Fake Power ranger toys, 99¢ Only Store, 5 figure pack for 99¢ ... A 5 year old who loves taking a bath, PRICELESS 😍

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Respect. Thank you Malcolm. .So, we'll be taking over from here. Watch.

I pitty the foo’ that don’t show their mama love today. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Muthas!

Happy Mother’s Day to you Mama! You were my best friend and my biggest fan. I couldn’t so much as trip without you telling me you loved the way I fell. I work hard every day at being a mom who loves as big as you loved. Thank you for humbly mothering me as though I was a magical spirit that came through you not from you. The way that you loved our family and ALL of my friends left a print on who we all are now. I hope you are the first to greet me when I get to the other side one day. You will always be my SHEro 💪

Big Boy Ocean 🌊💚... It never ceases to amaze me that a human like this grew inside of me. I’m never 100% sure that the choices I make as a parent are right, but I must be getting at least a hearty portion of it right because this kid is something else. I came along with @iamnaniic and her beautiful family to the @laarboretum to help out with a family photo shoot, and in return she gifted me some professional photos of Ocean. What a gift she is as a friend, and what a gift it is to be his mom. #bigboyocean Photographer: @joelreisphotography

Hey Hami Alumni 💚 The 97&98 20 year reunion is here! We’re all friends with each other and all of our graduation years shared an intertwined highschool experience, so the event is open to all alumni years. With that being said, regardless of our graduation years and on the serious note life isn’t promised to any of us. Some of the people we grew up with have past. We don’t know when someone we like, care about, or love will not be here anymore... so any chance we have to just reconnect and see each other is a good thing. If you’re seeing this post, you’re my friend and I’d like to see you. Just get tickets and come celebrate and make a few new memories. Bring someone you love. It’s gonna be a good time 🤗... highlighted ticket link is in my bio.

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