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Come one Faith!!! Not master splinter!!

Ayyyyyye gotta kid winner right here @deyshanel killin the challenge!!! It runs in the family!! @theshiggyshow @champagnepapi @theellenshow put her on stage #shiggychallenge #shiggy #drake #keke #champaignpapi #deyshanelson #ellendegeneres

Let's try this again...the video didn't post last time...once again @rawswagger is a fool...must watch...best -"in my feelings challenge yet...he killed it and almost got killed ayo @champagnepapi @theshiggyshow game over he won lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #champaignpapi #theshiggyshow #shiggychallenge #inmyfeelings #keke #drake #rawswagger

Starting tomorrow..bring your boys out for a chance to earn a scholarship for this 2018 Youth Football Season with the BYC Raiders. Public Service Announcement Coming tomorrow. Early Preview for the late night crew. #bycraiders #youthfootball #developouryouth #yhbearcats

Nah bro!! How does that work? #badpetnames #bro #queen #relationshipgoals

I'm not sure if this his true or not but I know it has the internet buzzin. If it is true then peace and positive energy to his friends and loved ones hopefully this is a wake up call. People are not really playing with all this trolling and tough talk these new rappers is doing acting invincible. I don't know the details behind the shooting but doesn't change my sentiment. Start living the life you really live youngins STOP trying to be Tony Montana and Lennox!! #liveyourlife #betruetoyourself #hiphopwakeup #stopfraudin #stopfollowing #xxxtentacion

A message to all parents: I didn't share this when it happened because well I just don't do that lol but it's been on my heart so I have to now. This is long so all won't read but oh well. This fathers day week will be one I won't forget. After a visit to the hospital this week and a text convo with my son that had me getting myself together at Wal-Mart it really made me put things back into perspective. Too often we let outside noise and people influence HOW we parent. ALSO too often we as ADULTS take our immature kid like feelings out on our kids thinking we are hurting the other parent and masking it as PROTECTING THEM. It has to STOP. We have to STOP looking for excuses NOT to parent. Our kids NEED us whether they act like it or say it as much as we would like them to. We thought we were grown and didn't need our parents but the thought of losing the ones who were there for us is crushing. Those who have lost their parents know the pain it causes. Parents who have lost their kids know the pain it causes. So while we are still here and have the time that's not promised we HAVE TO be parents and not just friends to our kids. We have to show our kids they are worth fighting for no matter what the other parent is doing. And we have to spend time with and make memories with OUR KIDS teach them the same values we were taught. Fathers I challenge you to make MORE time for your sons daughters and their friends. Mothers who do this I challenge you to let go whatever feelings you are harboring and let the fathers who you know are capable in. We are losing our kids because they need us or because another lost kid needed something. If you are able to be a father to your kid(s) and choose not to you are NOT A MAN or a FATHER and I mean that with EVERYTHING! Get yourself together and be a father until then you CANNOT share this day with me and are not welcome in this father brotherhood. To everyone else HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! #fathersday #fatherhood #parenting #realmen

This goes hard. This one is for all the ladies not trying to be perfect we dig all your imperfections! S/o to @zrichmusic @scolla313 on the vocals and @benwogu killed the track. Get the full version on all music outlets. Summer song 2018!! #goodvibes #goodmusic #highofflife #hiphop #rnbmusic #summer2018 #spotify #itunes #newmusic #beautiful #playlist #truth #model #dancer

Listen/Read with caution. Some people can't wait to go back and run something that's not true just because it's messy. ( this has nothing to do with me just an observation) #growup #factfind #knowthetruth #tellthetruthtuesday #petty

I don't normally do the shades at night thing. But I went to my first ever class reunion tonight...only thing is it wasn't mine lol so I went incognegro. Nah i was helping the dj but I had to lay low on em at first ;)

Had anyone else seen this commercial. Said god is selling miracle spring water that can save your life. Peter Pop off . com though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ what the Kanye???? #jesustakethewheel #hustle #god #faith #fraud

If there are still any families looking for a summer camp, we still have a few openings in July with limited scholarships available. Contact me for more info or forms.

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