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Tino Teso  I like food. Cali native Living in Austin

Sleep deprived jammin with the twin #buddha #shiva

Getting my unwanted tan on

Left: 6 months ago making art without a purpose, trying to fit into a scheduled mundane "normal" lifestyle, trying to understand how people keep attachments, and what "happiness" is, faking conversations and interests, bored out of my fucking mind! (5 am to 4pm)
Right: 6 months later, being more accepting of who I am, a loner, outcast, someone who loves being alone and finds pleasure in loneliness/darkness, someone not afraid to die, spend all my money, eat all the foods, cuss all I want because I am tired of trying to make others comfortable.
If people can say that they love living, why can't others say they look forward to death? That's right I fucking went there lol (4pm to 5am)

Thanks for the pics @elnohug . I miss my panda fan :( still got the Pikachu umbrella though #Japan

My favorite Asians at work! Without them id probably be a patient myself #psychnurse #psychiatricnurse

If you would like to see clearer pictures, please donate to Tino's new phone fund #singapore #nightswim

Happy to see so many people's lives touched by Bourdain, cheers to your foul mouth and many food adventures. #singapore #streetfoods

#todai-ji #temple #buddha So effing Beautiful!

#monkey park

#ryokan dinner

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