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Tino Teso  I like food. Cali native Living in Austin

"Make a serious face, wait did you smile Tino?" My climbing and Japan buddies

I'm just gonna embrace my fat big boobs until it goes away. Thunderstorm calls for light reading and cramming for exams. Will always be that #fatboy

Took me 4 years to try and get back into shape. Being fit is a job within itself! Channeling my inner #Rambo to get through cardio, the worse part

I put my AC to 55 degrees so I can enjoy my hot soup #foodie #foodporn

Bringing back that all white old school #nursing uniform #psychnurse #figsscrubs #figs

Procrastination at its best before finishing my paper. #singing

My most cherished painting, the best things in life are the memories that come with the item. the tank top I'm wearing was bought in 2009 when @dthepilot and I went to hot topic to get more piercing studs and the painting by @elnohug who has been an amazing mentor and friend. And yes my rug is white and #extra

Only day off, ran out of paint so naturally improvised #sriracha #paint #insomnia

First world problems at its best #selfie

The only drink I'm grabbing after a long day at work is #boba #almondmilktea for the win! #murse

Temporary food happiness is still happiness! #koreanfood

My profession doesn't allow any physical or mental ailments so I left my arm sling and emotions at home. But this works out because whenever I'm in pain or emotionally distressed I smile and laugh allot 😂 #fml #thisisfine #adulting #smile

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