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👋🏻 it’s @samhorine here taking over the feed, stoked to take y’all on some travels over the next week 🌎

First stop, Patagonia when I traveled along the 7 lakes road towards Bariloche this summer and we spotted these horses grazing along the road one rainy morning.

Waking up in Montana yesterday morning - @forrestmankins

Last light in the fire tower - @forrestmankins

Early June mornings up north - @forrestmankins

@forrestmankins here, I’ll be sharing some photos from this summer over the next week. Back in July, a week into our three week road trip up north.

Midnight At The Oasis 🔦📷 🎬 - @heySP

Friday night lights 🔦⚡️ - @heySP

When your local donut shop doesn’t serve interdimensional space donuts, you have to go home and make one yourself 😋 -@heySP

Hi everyone! @heySP here with a friendly reminder to JUST KEEP MAKING STUFF! ✂️✏️ Most of my photos feature my own handmade creations, so this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite *STUFF* I’ve made recently as well as a couple sneaky peeks into projects-in-progress. Looking forward to sharing with you! 👋

This will be my last post for my takeover and I hope you enjoyed some of the images I’ve shared over the past week.
You know what’s easy? Getting a 2-year-old and a deaf dog to pose for a photo.

Ended up at the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque after a break-down outside of Roswell, NM. On the same day I was talking to a friend about how I’d love to go visit Turkey for the hot air balloon festival. Guess sometimes breakdowns aren’t so bad. @zachdriftwood