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When your local donut shop doesn’t serve interdimensional space donuts, you have to go home and make one yourself 😋 -@heySP

Hi everyone! @heySP here with a friendly reminder to JUST KEEP MAKING STUFF! ✂️✏️ Most of my photos feature my own handmade creations, so this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite *STUFF* I’ve made recently as well as a couple sneaky peeks into projects-in-progress. Looking forward to sharing with you! 👋

This will be my last post for my takeover and I hope you enjoyed some of the images I’ve shared over the past week.
You know what’s easy? Getting a 2-year-old and a deaf dog to pose for a photo.

Ended up at the hot air balloon festival in Albuquerque after a break-down outside of Roswell, NM. On the same day I was talking to a friend about how I’d love to go visit Turkey for the hot air balloon festival. Guess sometimes breakdowns aren’t so bad. @zachdriftwood

The doors of Croatia 📸 @zachdriftwood

As we were driving along a road on Pag we stopped to photograph some goats. The farmer invited using i his property to photograph his goats and llamas even though we didn’t share the same language we spent a good two hours doing our best to understand each other and enjoyed it just as much.

Hey folks! @zachdriftwood here and I’m going to be sharing some images from my travels this past year and a couple of Stories too!
This first shot is from Zagreb, I fell in love with the architecture and the blue trams while there back in the spring.

Great work by @phoebewahl *

If you haven’t already seen, our new collaboration with @gallery.stock has just launched!

We’re looking for creative and community-oriented women and men to join 3 of our @tinkerstreet artists: @pketron @jungletimer @hellopoe on an expedition to Nepal. If you have an interest in photography and are looking to make a tangible, positive impact on a community - we’d love for you to be a part of this.

Our photographers @pketron @jungletimer and @hellopoe will be co-leading a 6-day expedition to Kathmandu in early October through a volunteer partnership with @effect_org.

Our female-lead team will be working with local NGOs in Nepal to help women impacted by human trafficking. All participants will employ their unique skills to take part in brainstorming sessions to find creative solutions for some of the challenges these organizations are faced with, work directly with the women on the ground, and have time to photograph some of what this incredible country has to offer.

If you’re interested in taking part in this journey where you’ll be making a real difference in the lives of people in need, we’d love for you to express your interest via the link in our bios. More info will follow with details about the cost and the itinerary. We hope you’ll join us! ⠀
Image by @pketron

End of the 🌈 @withhearts