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i was going to post lifestyle photos all week but I made it to the @brooklynbotanic garden this morning and it was peak pink petal day and this was just too beautiful not to share with all of you. @jungletimer

a lot of my work is with children, and i love that part of what i do. i feel lucky in that it's easy for me to tap back into that feeling of being small in a world that seems built for bigger people. the blankets in bed are the darkest cave, if you lay on the floor with your legs and feet up along the wall you'll find your way back to upside-down world and if you crawl under the kitchen table with a really good book it becomes your greatest best hide-out. @jungletimer

i love doing portrait work - this is a personal favorite from a recent shoot. @jungletimer

from a recent shoot with parents and newborns. i love when you can see a little glimpse of the person they might turn out to be. @jungletimer

hi all, @jungletimer here, taking over the feed this week. i’m a photographer/director that loves shooting modern families, modern lifestyle. i live in chinatown with my husband and our gray cat gus. i love pasta, love reading, i love jumping in the ocean, even when it’s really cold. looking forward to sharing some fun favorites with you this week so thanks for following along!

Balance of opposites by @dirka

🍁 by @dirka

by @dirka

💐 by @dirka

Hi y’all 👋 this is @dirka taking over the Tinker feed this week. I’m going to be sharing some of my fav photos from the past year.

Pt. 12 - Self-portrait in my happy place - a quiet little corner tucked away in the English countryside. Also, this is the last photo I’m posting from my series. Thanks for following along 👋🏻 - @dearleila

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