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ting 🌸  @freckledmag ✨ positive vibes only

lately: remembering to slow down and to take my time to do things, to be more kind and patient, to take better care of myself and the ones i love, to say no when necessary, to drink more water, to focus more on the present, to learn as much as i can everyday, to speak up for myself, to be more observant of my surroundings, to take more photos, to stop worrying so much about everything and let things happen as they need to, to read more, to listen to myself and to others better and to always be thankful 💖

finch’s sandwiches/salads hold a special place in my heart 💕

wow so it’s been a little over 2 months since surgery and physio is kicking my ass, but i’m so happy to be healing more and more everyday. it’s been quite the journey for my body and emotions, but i’m getting through it all with lots of strength and positivity. i’m v proud of myself for all the progress i have made and am so thankful for all the support i have received 💕✨ photos by my girl @crisis__angel

forever in love with this photo and all of his still lives - podium (1999) by wolfgang tillmans

i have a strange obsession with indoor swimming pools and photos of them 🏊🏻‍♂️

pleats in the wind

this residential garden i stumbled upon yesterday, deep within the suburbs of west van was truly something else

i’m out of the hospital, aka my “8 days of pain vacation” and am slowly regaining my strength and teaching myself how to walk again, which is a lot harder than i anticipated. it’s gonna take a bit of time, but i got this. 😎 i’m literally the happiest girl alive right now and i know that things can only go upwards from here! more than excited to celebrate with you all in a few weeks once i’ve recovered some more! #fuckcancer ✨ 📷 by the lovely @eeeelysse (wish i looked this good right now, but tbh i look like a zombie with the worst case of dark circles 😕)

hi, hello from the hospital. 👋 most of you probably know by now but for those of you who don’t, the tumour is gone and your girl is cancer free (🤞 for good)! 🎉 the doctors have told me that everything is looking great and they had me standing up today, which was slightly traumatizing after being in bed for 5 days straight. i’m slowly making my way towards a somewhat long recovery but i’ll get there sooner or later and will hopefully be out of here in a few days. so much love to all of you who have sent love and support and especially to my parents and @edw.zou who have taken amazing care of me. also a huge s/o to @shanene.lau (and the entire lau family for sending flowers), @sonia.c.chang, @eeeelysse, @mileswong, @mhicks__, @gavin.ng, @julianlao and @101n_n101 for bringing flowers/gifts and for your lovely company. I DID IT, YOU GUYS!!! can’t wait to celebrate with y’all once i’m out of here! ❤️ #fuckcancer

🌸🌸🌸 four more days to calm my nerves before surgery! i’m feeling a lot less afraid; nevertheless just anxious for this all to be over 🙏 shoutout to @101n_n101 for the photo, for this cool shirt and for being such a good friend!

just got notified that the date of my surgery will be on april 12th (3 weeks from today). fingers crossed that everything will run as smoothly as possible without any complications and that your girl will soon be cancer free 🤞🙏 positive vibes would be greatly appreciated!

all the love in the world to my friends and family who have been incredibly supportive and caring to me throughout this time (y’all are too good to me). i’m doing just fine and am trying to take better care of myself everyday before surgery. pls never take your health for granted because it’s so important and don’t forget to be kind to yourself and everyone around you! ☺️ #fuckcancer

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