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Tine Tollan, Lightworker  Love, Light and Truth💜🌈🌍 All my own photos, clips and words,,hoping to inspire ever more love,,, From Norway 🇳🇴❤️

🐲 Do you ever get the sense of deja vu? Or that odd feeling you are in a 'different' reality yet you are at a regular place like the park?
🐲 This is what I experienced at the park this morning,,,,and a flood of Re-membering came over me,,,,,,🐲 I live in a huge metropolitan city and the park was full of people and cars parked everywhere,,,YET I almost saw no one,,, only a couple of people and when we passed we greeted as we had know each other all our lives,,,,it was the most odd, yet peaceful, gentle feeling? There were also magnificently beautiful shimmering blue coloured dragonflies everywhere,,,which brought more messages!
🐲 It was like I was fully there yet had a feeling there were different timelines or realities going on,,,,Do you ever experience this?
🐲 Came back home and did my sound meditation,,,and more words came,,,triggering a deep remembering,,,are some of these words making you remember things deep in your soul? Let me know if they do?
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🦋 Are you a lover? 🦋 This Lions gate portal with these new energies flowing inn, and even more coming with the Solar Eclipse on the 21 of August 2017,,,,can be felt energetically all through September .
🦋 These eclipses and energy gateways are bringing up, big time, ,,,anything that is dysfunctional in our lives,,,this sucks,,,why do we have to look at this?
🦋 Dysfunctional shizz we do is ultimately bringing stress into our lives,,,we don't want stress!!!
🦋 Dysfunctional behaviours and patterns are not aligned with our higher self,,,,and the reason we want to access our higher self is this allows us to fully access our true beautiful soul gifts,,,,so we can share this beauty with each other and experience a life filled with mystery, magick and wonder so potent it fills you with true love , joy and bliss, and unexpected synchronicities to empower you beyond your wildest dreams🦋 🦋 Choosing to be a lover,,,and then sharing this love,,,is reason enough to live your life like the badass alchemist you are. 🦋 From my heart to yours,,,,,,,,,I love you.
Music obsession for the moment,,,,#cantgetenoughofyourlovebabe
#youarethealchemist #unityconsciousness #energyoflove #lionsgate #solareclipse #higherfrequency #energygrid #lover #alchemy #truelove

❤️ Can't get enough of your love babe !!!!❤️ Ohhh,,,,these energies from the Lions gate are major,,,,where are you feeling it mostly in your body today?
❤️ So today is a self love day,,,I always thought self love was a type of selfishness or self absorbed kind of thing , but come to know it is absolutely essential!
❤️ Your ability to love yourself reflects directly the quality and quantity of the love you share with others❤️
❤️ So sending you love and healing vibes from my humming and playing the Root Chakra, Perfect Pitch C note, my singing bowl infused with the stone Garnet for regeneration of your entire body system energy field.❤️ Sending you so much love, light and truth from my heart to yours.❤️ I love you!!!!
#alchemist #alchemy #transmutingenergy #soundbath #unityconsciousness #weareinthistogether #higherfrequency #energyhealer #energyoflove #432hz #musicheals #crystalhealing #energygrid

Today the energies were strong and it was either I was going to cry,,,,,or,,,,,,decided instead to be a complete fool ,,,and then share this importance with YOU,,,,because the stup** shizz we do when we finally surrender is pretty liberating,,,,,so instead of crying I decided to make fun with me-self,,,, because I realized while running errands today that NOBODY but myself was going to change my mood from tears to laughter,,,,sending you a surrendered wink,,,,I love you!!!!
#alchemist #unityconsciousness #weallaffecteachother #ridiculousness #fromcryingtosmiling #fromtearstolaughter #energyhealer #lionsgate #vibrationalshift

🌙 Barely light this morning in my courtyard ,,,was doing my energy work ,,,,,the unmistakable feeling of Angelic presence was all around,,,,I hope you can feel it,,,,,You are a being of pure love in energy form,,,,everything is energy,,,, 🌙 As sovereign beings we can affect the universal consciousness field and affect it energetically with our love ,,,if we so choose,,,,this magickal mysterious energy is available to us all,,,,in love,,,from my heart to yours,,,,can you sense it right now in this moment in time and space,,,,,feel into it, it is yours ,,,,I love you🌙 Tine
#everythingisenergy #angelicpower #angelicresonance #divineassistance #energyhealer #musiclover #universalconciousness #unityconsciousness #weallaffecteachother #weareinthistogether #kjerlighet #duerenergi #senderdegkjerlighet #engler #truelove #frequencyoflove

🦋 I had a dream last night and Spirit woke me up to write it all down,,,,Avatars,,,,they are all around us incarnated at this time,,,,they are essentially earth angels, who's sole mission is to shift humanity into a state of higher consciousness,,,,where true love, deep compassion for each other , peace and joy can be experienced by all,,,,,,are you yearning for a deeper,,,,much deeper truth to why you are here at this time?
🦋 ANYTHING based in fear will not be able to enter the portals of this new dimensional frequency of Avatar love coming now to Agartha and Earth at this time.
🦋 So search your heart and see if your BE-ing is coming from a place of pure love,,,which is the opposite of egoic mind based fear.
🦋 The comfort and love of the Avatar brilliant white light love energy is available to us all, they are all around us waiting for us to reach out with our heart in love,,,sending you Avatar love,,,from my heart to yours,,,,I love you! 🦋 Tine
#energyoflove #angelicpower #dreamtimemessages #channellinglove #avatars #highervibes #agartha #truelove #compassion #lightwarrior #earthangelsallaround #energyhealer #everythingisenergy #divineassistance #kjerlighet

🦋 Saging after travels,,,for the new beautiful energies coming inn,,,if you stop and feel into it you will be in a bit of a buzz,,,, 🦋 In dreamtime these thoughts came to me last night: 🦋 Lovers come and go,,,,,thoughts come and go,,,,,fun times come and go,,,,,beautiful moments of bliss come and go,,,,,sadness and pain come and go,,,,,So what IS IT that does not come and go?
When all is stripped away,,,the most exquisite part of you is left, the eternal consciousness of You,,,,,that you that is ultimate wisdom and love, that most delish part of you that is an aspect of Divine I am presence. 🦋 This is the place of bliss that is available to us all,,,,that still and peaceful place,,,,,it resides inside of you! You are love in pure energy form,,,,,if we bravely leave the shizz behind and tap into this beautiful source we can experience a more brilliant and lasting kind of joy and love,,,regardless of all the shizz that goes on in your life and around you,,,,,it does not come and go,,,,it is eternal, it is the eternal now,,,,Sending you so much love,,,,,I love you,,,Tine🦋
#saging #channellinglove #lightwarrior #empath #energyhealer #higherconsciousness #vibrationalhealing #angelicresonance #kjerlighet #et si tu n'existais pas #JoeDassin #dreamtimemessages #musicheals #energyoflove @dlfarrow

,,,,Love to you from Southwestern France,,,,full of magickal beautiful energy here,,,fly with me,,,,in the flow,,,I love you❤️ #channellinglove #sttropez #suntherapy #friends #joy #france🇫🇷 #beauty #gratitude

Sometimes you just have to follow the mystery of the princess,,,,at a Chateau in France,,,,are you feeling the magick of this place,,,,So much love I send to you,,,,I love you❤️
#familyreunion #chateau #mystery #magick #sendingyoulove #areyoufollowingyourmagick #portalsoflove #channellinglove #ancestralhealing

Today I needed some upside down moves,,,,no water around so the courtyard will have to do,,,,,would much rather be jumping off a cliff.
My life was turned upside down ,,,,,but then again I had extensive training in being upside down,,,,,,so if you find yourself in a topsy turvy spot at the moment , know that everything your soul is experiencing,,,has been allowed by your higher self,,,,all for the purpose of strengthening you for the task you really came here to accomplish,,,,,,,,When you feel lost and feeling like you are being stretched ,,,it's just a training ground for your badass self to wake up and remember who you are in your soul,,,,,,,peaceful warrior or love and light!!!!!
I love you.
#lightwarrior #sendingyoulove #unityconsciousness #yogainspiration #yogaingarden #strengthfromwithin #balance #handstand #stup #utetrening #weallaffecteachother #peacefulwarrior

🎶 Today I am feeling the sweet slow,,,,this might make you think of breathing deeply,,,,just for a moment. Sending you slow love!!!
🎶. What you are experiencing has already been allowed,,,in your magickal journey through the being that you are,,,,So allow and flow with the slow today!! 🎶 My citrine infused crystal singing bowl is perfect pitch at 432 Hz is for your Solar Plexus Chakra where all your emotion is, the citrine will activate abundance of joy,,,,from my heart to yours. I love you.
#weareinthistogether #intheflow #solarplexus #crystalbowlsoundbath #crystalhealing #perfectpitch #432hz #energyhealer #solarplexuschakra #citrineinfused #higherfrequency #frequencyoflove #soulexpression #musiclover #angelicresonance #unityconsciousness #sendingyoulove

🦉 The message I got from this sacred spot in nature, it came while I was humming,,,,and my feet on mother Gaia, soaking up her love,,,,,,,
🦉 Tune into the eyes of all you meet,,,you will see it in someone's eyes!!!
🦉 Compassion will spring up from your soul as you feel into the others desires, heartbreaks and yearnings. Most of us with simply the longing to fully love and be loved back ,,,,
You will see how many angels are really all around you, and how many are walking the earth right now,,,,,and how much we need each other to return Home!!!!
🦉 Love is all that matters!!!
Love is the most powerful and mysterious force in the Universe,,,,take a deep breath ,,,,,and as you do you will immediately be in the NOW,,,,and come home to what you are,,,,,Love!!!!
🦉 Sending you love from my heart to yours ,,,,on this powerful day of the full moon!
🦉 How are you experiencing today's energies on this full moon? I love you!!!
#vibrationoflove #naturehealingpowers #fae #weareinthistogether #channellinglove #angelicpresence #fullmoon #energyhealer #eyeswindowtothesoul #breath #unityconsciousness #weallaffecteachother #empath #sendingyoulove #kjerlighet #naturkraft

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