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Tine Tollan, Lightworker  Love, Light and TruthπŸ’œπŸŒˆπŸŒ All my own photos, clips and words,,hoping to inspire ever more love,,, From Norway πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄β€οΈ

πŸ•Š Magickal elixir for YOU,,,,this view from my room in Marseille, France, πŸ‡«πŸ‡·,,,,,just took my breath away,,,,as the sun is slowly setting here on this auspicious day of giving gratitude,,,as this expands your being,,,,,,,,,,must have landed in a πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ fairytale,,,Sending you an elixir of loving vibrational frequencies from this place where I did not look for magick, because I don’t do so well in big cities,,,but if you HAD to go to the city,,,,well,,,then the magick found me here,,,,
πŸ•Š I am sending you infinite love from this lone wolf,,,on the gossamer threads of love that connects us all in the ethers!!!!
πŸ•ŠI love you!!!!
#gratitude #gossamerthreadsoflove #frequencyoflove #vibrationoflove #onlylovematters #energyhealer #graceelohim #healeroftouchandsound #spiritualalchemy #sacredsoulmission #unityconsciousness #lightwarrior #forcesofheaveniswithyou #weareallconnected #mariamagdalena #daughteroftheholygrail #soultemplateoflove #marseilleinlove #soulquest

πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,,today the tears were flowing,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,I am only me,,,with a broken wing,,,and not yet soaring,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,a healer I am and a gift to share,,,,but also a burden of tears,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,from my brokenness I hope you gather,,,,much healing will come to you,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,I want to share this so you may feel encouraged to be authentically YOU,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is ,,,,,my deepest hearts intention is for love , gratitude and healing,,,,,,to permeate you and me,,,,and the whole earth,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,in saying fare well,,my cup just ran over,,,,and the tears just flew all over,,,,
πŸ•Š Truth is,,,,,even through the tears,,,,,I choose love!!!!
πŸ•Š I love you!!!!
#tears #healeroftouchandsound #sacredsoulmission #spiritualalchemist #daughteroftheholygrail #sacredmasculinesacredfemininebalance #divinelyguided #christconsciousness #graceelohim #daughteroftheholygrail #unityconsciousness #harmonyforall #connectedtoallthatis #energyhealer #vibrationoflove #frequencyoflove

πŸ•Š What is love,,,,? For me personally I had to experience what love is not,,,to truly know what it is,,,,it felt like love , looked like love,,,but it was something else,,,,,
πŸ•Š True love is like a rare, rare jewel,,,but deeply worth exploring, because it gives complete, delicious freedom,,,that mere attachments NEVER can,,,,
πŸ•Š Only because it is who you are,,,,,you are love,,,,,and when your beloved leaves,,,it is simply because it is not in alignment to who you truly are,,,which is love.
πŸ•Š We have indeed been misguided in this denser reality we call earth,,,and confuse attachment with love.
πŸ•Š True love does not hurt , attachments do,,,true love flows freely from us regardless if our beloved is with us or not,,,it is unconditional.
πŸ•Š Sadly attachment will produce anxiety as it comes from a place of addiction and dysfunction,,,,it produces emptiness and unhappiness,,,,,and a sense of an unfulfilled life,,,,this is not what we came here for in this life,,,,,true love is joyful, free and flowing ,,,it is who you are,,,so let’s BE true love,,,so we can love with wild abandon,,,you are love,and deeply loved,,,,,
πŸ•Š I love you!!!! From this beautiful garden of the French painter Cezanne , in Aix En Provence, France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·
#whatislove #truelove #unconditionallove #soulharmony #mariamagdalena #jeshua #divinemasculineanddivinefemininebalance #divineunion #innerguidance #divinesoulmission #divineblueprint #spiritualalchemy #unityconsciousness #graceelohim #truelove #crystallineconsciousness #deeptransformationthroughlove #rememberingyoursoul #daughteroftheholygrail #loveyoufiercely

🎢 This part of my journey through Southwestern part of FranceπŸ‡«πŸ‡·,,,,I am again flying solo,,,,and being on this mountain alone ,,,making me having to do some humming ohmmm and toning,,,,
🎢 I was guided to do this journey all alone to be able to be totally available to be used in service to channel my soul signature,,and anchor as much loving energies my physical body could muster,,,,,
🎢 With every step I take may my vibrational energy be used to channel the intention of joy, peace, kindness, unconditional love and vibrant health for mother Gaia, earth,,,,,and all her beautiful beings.
🎢 My soul was jarred awake by a completely broken heart,,,the greater the pain , the greater is your ability to love. You now KNOW what love is not.
🎢 For me personally, from my brokenness, has come gifts I never knew existed,,,I know this is also for you,,,they are there , just not maybe completely accessed yet!
🎢 I asked for guidance from the ascended masters,,,and they came to me in my dreamtime,,,,using my physical vessel as a channel for healing loving energies to flow through me, and out to the world,,, not from me but through me,,,for the highest, divine good for all.
🎢 This I will do with every step I take and with my voice,,,intend love into every place I am guided to go,,,,in this short time I am here on this beautiful place we call earth.
🎢 This is how my soul choose to serve, even if it sometimes is to go at it alone,,,coming together then becomes that much more of a treat and a sweetness that is bliss.
🎢 Where is your souls journey taking you,,,,where on this rocky path is it stretching your courage? Remember the stardust of love that you are made of,,,you are deeply loved!
🎢I love you!
#youarelove #rememberingyoursoul #forcefieldoflove #cezannesmuse #aixenprovence #saintevictoire #innerplanes #innerguidance #sacredsecrets #forgivingtheunforgivable #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #healeroftouchandsound #divinesoulmission #spiritualalchemist #daughteroftheholygrail #soundcarrieslight #soundhealingisatoolfortransformation #soulharmony #divineblueprint #unityconsciousness #graceelohim #mariamagdalena

πŸ•Š Today’s journey was Monastere de la VerneπŸ‡«πŸ‡·, where things were breathtaking on this mountaintop,,,,beautifully peaceful and quiet,,,the scent here is divine,,,,,as the heart is awakened,,,,
πŸ•Š Every step I take on this journey I intend loving, healing, joyful energies to flow through me,,,,,anchoring true love,,,unconditional love,,,into the here and now,,,for all of us,,,,all the way down into the crystalline core of mother Gaia (Earth) πŸ•Š With my entire being I wish for unconditional love to reverberate the consciousness field we are all connected to,,,,so we may all experience a world filled with peace, kindness, joy, vibrant health and love,,,for all beings on this beautiful place we call Earth,,,
πŸ•ŠThis is my hearts deepest intent and the message brought forth ,,,this is for YOU,,,,You Are loved,,,deeply. πŸ•Š What doorway are you willing to bravely walk through where all things false are burned,,,and only the beauty of your truth will be left,,,,where the pain and shadow will be blasted away as the sunlight illuminates your life,,,,
πŸ•Š I love you!!! #unityconsciousness #healeroftouchandsound #forgivingtheunforgivable #divinesoulmission #chanellinglove #lovewithwildabandon #graceelohim #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #mariamagdalena #daughteroftheholygrail #spiritualalchemy #sacredlove #forcefieldoflove #rememberingyoursoul #youarelove #monasteredelaverne

🎢 My gift is my song,,,,,and this one’s for YOU,,,,
🎢 Truly ,,,how wonderful life is when YOU are in the world,,,
🎢 Beauty and inspiration,,,is here in this magnificent world,,,this tree is a sparkling being,,,truly magnificent,,,I am in love,,,,,I am sending you love,,,,Your healing is my healing and my healing is your healing,,,my joy is your joy as your joy is my joy,,,,we are in this together,,,,,,I love you!!!!
#higherfrequency #natureheals #lovefromgaia #treeoflife #truelove #rememberingyoursoul #lovewithwildabandon #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #spiritualalchemist #healeroftouchandsound #daughteroftheholygrail #energyhealer #thisonesforyou #cotedazure #lovetrees #howwonderfullifeisnowyoureintheworld #unityconsciousness

πŸ•Š Are you constantly having the experience of dejavu or synchronicity?
πŸ•Š I immediately recognized her!!!, yet we had never met,,,in this lifetime that is!!!,,almost 20 years ago,,,,,
πŸ•Š It was on a soul level and I was thrilled at her presence with me in this life as my sweetest friend named Debra ,,,,,that Divine synchronicity had so beautifully orchestrated so our life path journeys could cross to uplift and be reminded of why we were here and what our souls came here to accomplish!
πŸ•Š Look around you and feel into who is in your life for a reason, season or lifetime? What adventures are you supposed to experience together,,,,and are you recognizing the significance of certain auspicious beautiful souls,,,and situations,,,in your life?
πŸ•Š Gratefully accepting the mysterious synchronicities and dejavu FEELINGS all around as I am having the chance to explore the Sacred land of the Cathars of the Southwestern parts of πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France.,this part with my soul friend Debra,,,,,this land of the medieval cite of Carcassonne,,,,indeed recognizing both the energies of certain places and people,,,and why. This is Divine synchronicity with the offer of the gift of unconditional love,,,that resides inside the heart of us all.
πŸ•Š Forever grateful for the love of souls that are meant to be part of your souls journey,,,,,who is in your life for a Reason,,,,Season,,,,or Lifetime?
πŸ•Š I love you!!!! #reasonseasonlifetime #carcassonne #sacredsecrets #beautyofafriendwithanopenheart #unconditionallove #catharpriestess #spiritualalchemy #deeptransformationthroughlove #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #journeyoftheheart #graceelohim #goddessenergyoflove #sacredsoulmission #healeroftouchandsound #weareallconnectedinlove #unityconsciousness #rememberingyoursoul #daughteroftheholygrail #spiritualalchemist #sacredlove #channelingloveintothelaylines #higherfrequencymorelove

πŸ’¨ Shine on you crazy diamond,,,you are indeed a diamond,,,,,,
πŸ’¨Every small step you make towards healing yourself in this storm that is blowing through for humanity right now,,,,,you are helping not just yourself but all of humanity,,,,,
πŸ’¨ Every thing you bravely face, process and heal,,,,,the higher your frequency,,,,,and the more light you can access.
πŸ’¨ The more light you can take inn,, the higher your vibration,,,which brings you a higher state of awareness,,,which enables you to access your inner guidance,,,,,
πŸ’¨ With this beautiful inner guidance,,,we can fully live in harmony with ourself and others,,,
πŸ’¨ So as your vibrational frequency goes higher,,,one small storm at a time,,,you will experience more joy, bliss and vibrant health,,,because your body is now filled with more light.
πŸ’¨ Sending you so much love and light from my solo journey in the footsteps of my soul family here in Southern France where I am deeply immersing myself in the Maria Magdalena and Jeshua energy of unconditional love, sacred union and the beautiful balance of the divine masculine divine feminine. Yearning to love with wild abandon,,,,,you too?
πŸ’¨ I love you!!!! #innerguidance #lovewithwildabandon #sacredsecrets #unconditionallove #forgivingtheunforgivable #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #spiritualalchemy #spiritualavatar #divinesoulmission #graceelohim #healeroftouchandsound #mariamagdalena #sacredlove #anchoringlove #weareallconnectedinlove #monastery #daughteroftheholygrail #shineonyoucrazydiamond

πŸ•Š Following my joy,,,,maybe for the very first time in this life as Tine,,,,,the joy of being here in this enchanted forest that leads to The Grotto of Maria Magdalena, in St. Maximin, France,,,,the freshness and mystery of this forest truly fills the spirit to the brim,,,,,and then it bubbles over and flows,,,,,,
πŸ•Š My favorite thing to do is probably to laugh,,,and this forest ,,,,well,,,there is joyful angelic presence everywhere here,,,,
πŸ•Š How do you want to feel?
Then let your choices reflect this state of being,,,,if it is not harmonizing,,,search for another way to get you to the state you desire,,,,,
πŸ•Š This is empowering you to experience what you deeply desire,,,,,you HAVE this power within you,,,,
πŸ•Š Where are you holding back to receive the freedom to love with joy,,,,that you so deeply yearn to experience?
πŸ•ŠTrue Love does not hurt you,,,,it has been the absence of Love that has caused you pain,,,,,
πŸ•ŠFinding the truth that is you leads to the beautiful path of joy, bliss and True Love,,,,I love you!!!! #unconditionallove #sacredunion #sacredlove #divineblueprint #spiritualalchemy #familyoflight #graceelohim #avatarspirit #mariamagdalena #unityconsciousness #forgivingtheunforgivable #daughteroftheholygrail #soulmission #healeroftouchandsound #finegossamerthreadsoflove #mothergaiahealer #weareallconnectedinlove #onlyloveisreal #rememberingyoursoul #anchoringlove

🎡 Playing my crystal bowl ,,,,almost evening twilight,,,,in my little room at the Le Couvent Royal, here in the village of St. Maximin in Provance, France πŸ‡«πŸ‡·,,,,looking out and there is a natural orchestra playing outside my window,,,thousands and thousands of birds decided to play their own harmony,,,,so lovely,,,,I hope you gather the joy in your soul with the sound of the crown Chakra in B- with Amethyst and Citrine infused in perfect pitch,,,as this is tuning into the world of mystery and opens your heart for a deeper KNOWING of your soul truth.
🎡 I love you!!!!
#crystalbowlsoundhealing #soundheals #mariamagdalena #familyoflight #healeroftouchandsound #weareallone #unityconsciousness #avatarspirit #soundcarrieslight #soundisatoolfortransformation #daughteroftheholygrail #unconditionallove #graceelohim #weareallconnectedinlove #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #soulmission #angelicpresence #joy #harmony #gossamerthreadsoflight #sacredsoulmission

πŸ•ŠChanneling love from this sacred mountain,,,,from my heart to yours,,,,,working on embodying the balance of the divine Masculine, divine Feminine,,,that is the messsge of Maria Magdalena and Jeshua.
πŸ•Š Forgiving the unforgivable,,,,,True love, magick and mystery will enter your life as you embark upon the journey of complete forgiveness,,,,of self and others,,,,,,,even when you grieve the heartwrenching experience of someone who betrayed you and hurt you so deeply you were left with a scar so deep you did not know how to find your self again,,,,be kind to yourself as you may be healing multiple timelines,,,,,
πŸ•Š When bravery is allowed and the forgiveness process is complete it will be worth the process,,,,as you will feel serene, kind, happy and loved ,,,,and filled with joy.
πŸ•Š I was guided by spirit to give back all the energies that do not belong to me,,,they never did,,,and this is the process I have been working on with the wind on this mountaintop,,,,Empaths pick up energies that do not belong to them in order to heal the wounds of someone else,,,,This is what I did before I knew how to energetically protect my energy,,,,I am constantly reminded to give back the energies that do not belong to me,,,this is what the Zephyrs of the mountain wind is helping me do,,,it is magick indeed,,,and the brave part for me is,,,,,going at it alone.
πŸ•ŠUnconditional love is now the only thing left,,,,,I love you!!!! #unconditionallove #divinemasculineanddivinefeminine #mariamagdalena #jeshua #truelove #findingwhoyouareinyoursoul #forgivenessisthekey #graceelohim #sacredsoulmission #sacredmountain #embodythegoddessenergy #yoursoulislove #sacredunion #higherconsciousness #daughteroftheholygrail #yoursoulislove #energyhealing #saintebaume #healeroftouchandsound #weareallone

🎢 I know this is a dream,,,,,,until I see you again,,,,what is your Dreamtime showing you?
🎢 Been waking up and writing pages and pages of spirit messages,,,,,anybody else having cosmic dreams and then HAVING the urge to write it all down even if it’s the middle of the night?🌌 I love you!

My cousin Jon Rivelsrud, artist of sacred geometry!!!!
#dreamtime #higherconsciousness #higerself #thisisadream #cosmicheart #helliggeometri #rememberingyoursoul #sacredunion #unconditionallove #truelove #yoursoulislove

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