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Butter cookies are usually found on every cookie platter for several reasons – they are delicious, and pretty much everyone loves them.

These are completely egg-free, but they are still very soft, rich, buttery, and delicious, and perfect for the afternoon tea, or with a cup of caffè macchiato.

They are also pretty amazing on their own, right off the baking trey, still slightly warm.

#cookies #tinascookings #dessert

Four layers of rich chocolate cake, and three layers of gorgeous white chocolate ganache, as simple as that.

A double chocolate fudge cake and a lovely occasion.

#chocolate #tinascookings #anniversary

It's February, my favourite month of the year, and even though there isn't much snow, it's still winter, so we might as well treat ourselves with a lush strawberry white hot chocolate.
#chocolate #tinascookings #hotchocolate

Figs are quite possibly my most favourite fruit. They are naturally sweet, and pair tremendously well with various breads, muffins, and even cheeses.

That being said, when they are not in season, there is only one thing to do – have them dried, in the form of a marvellous jam.

#figs #tinascookings #homemade

These lovely little Flourless chocolate chunk fudge cookies are very simple and easy to make, and very quick, too!
From start to finish, you need about 30 minutes, or even less.

#chocolate #cookies #tinascookings

Focaccia is a very versatile type of bread, very forgiving, and delicious with many different additions.
Apart from the famed focaccia al rosmarino, this is my absolute favourite.
The dough is amazing on its own, but the fragrant toasted sesame seeds send it over the top for me.

#focaccia #baking #tinascookings

Starting off this year with a lovely, light, easy recipe - Cinnamon honey chocolate fudge truffles!

Cinnamon and honey are a combination I've learnt to love only recently, but it works fantastically with the deep cocoa flavour.

One other good thing about these truffles is that they can be very easily made completely vegan - by using plant-based milk, agave syrup, and vegan butter, of course.
#chocolate #dessert #tinascookings

Seven layers of rich vegan fudge cake and delicious buttercream, topped with chocolate truffles, and more chocolate.
The best way of celebrating everything, really.
#vegan #chocolate #tinascookings

Well, the winter has officially started yesterday, so what better way to keep warm than with a cup of rich and thick homemade hot chocolate.

This is a very delicious hot chocolate you can spice up and enrich with any addition you like, be it peppermint extract, orange water, or whisky 😉. #chocolate #christmas #tinascookings

What’s better than a chocolate spread?

Why, a double chocolate spread, of course! It is equally amazingly delicious on its own, on a slice of bread, or even as a cake filling, if you are feeling very festive.

Moreover, the best gifts are always homemade, so add a glittery bow, and gift this to someone who enjoys sweet breakfasts.

Recipe link is in bio.

#chocolate #christmas #tinascookings

In this very busy period of the year, these little pink gems will be the perfect adornment for your Christmas platter.

These Coconut raspberry sandwich cookies are just the thing you need this year.

#christmas #cookies #tinascookings

Chocolate & vanilla fudge cake!

A fabulous chocolate cake, incredibly moist and flavourful, yet so incredibly easy to make.
You need one bowl and a whisk and that's it.

Recipe link in bio.

#chocolate #cake #tinascookings

Spiced soft chocolate cookies!

These lovelies are so soft and airy, with a delightful combination of cocoa and spices, they are sure to brighten up the platter. 
If you are really feeling festive, you can dip them or just decorate them with melted chocolate, or serve them just as they are, lovely in their simplicity.

Recipe link in bio.

#chocolate #cookies #tinascookings

No-bake nougat chocolate cake!

This four-layer beauty is so easy and quick to make; you will love it. Layer upon layer of chocolate, Viennese nougat, and cream. You can make a more lavish decoration, if you like, or you can keep it minimalist, like I did - wish just a drizzle of melted dark chocolate.
Recipe link in bio.

#chocolate #cake #tinascookings

Leftover candy brownies 🍭🍬🍫!
Whether you have some leftover candy, or you simply want to make a pan of rich, delicious brownies, this is the recipe for you.
They are egg-free, with a vegan and even a gluten-free option.

#chocolate #brownies #tinascookings

Coconut cherry breakfast pastries!

Breakfast pastries are one of life’s simple pleasures. Especially on a chilly morning.
Sweet and fragrant filling wrapped in a soft, fluffy dough. Simply divine with a cup of hot tea.

#pastry #breakfast #tinascookings

Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles!
Completely egg-free, and gluten free!
#chocolate #glutenfree #tinascookings

Soft funfetti cookies! 🍪🍪🍪 Cookies are always fun to make, but they are even tastier when they have an abundance of sprinkles. And if you can buy the different flavoured sprinkles, definitely do!

#cookies #sprinkles #tinascookings

Best-ever marshmallow brownies! 🍫🍫🍫
These are so fudgy and delicious, yet so amazingly easy to make.
And you can even use coffee marshmallows, for the ultimate dessert combination!
#chocolate #marshmallow #tinascookings

Mini cheese biscuits!

Plain and simple, I love these cheese biscuits. I think I have made thousands of these over the years.
They are very simple and straightforward to make – only five ingredients needed, and the spices are optional!

Recipe link in bio.

#cheese #tinascookings

Overnight bakery-style crescent rolls!
Crescent rolls are one of my most favourite things to bake!
Usually split down the middle and enjoyed with sweet or savoury fillings, they are so soft and fluffy, with a gorgeous crispy and crunchy exterior.
Recipe link in bio.
#baking #vegan #tinascookings

Mini pizza crescent rolls 🍕🍕🍕
Great to pack as a snack or even in a lunch box.
Very easy to make, and they can be filled with any cheese you like!
Recipe link in bio.
#pizza #tinascookings

Raw honey bagels 💖 ️
Recipe link in bio.️
#bagel #tinascookings

Rustic buttery biscuits 😊
This recipe is one of my very favourites.
When we were kids, we ate them hot off the baking sheet, with icing sugar and icy cold strawberry jam 💖
Recipe link in bio.
#biscuits #tinascookings

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