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Tina Kunakey Di Vita  First Official Tina Kunakey updates page💞 She follows🌺{ 21/04/2017}

Well this is not about Tina,but I want to explain you all something.
I've been out from social media for a lot..but it has been a really bad period for me..that's why I didn't post anything.
I've felt so heartbroken,disappointed,angry with all this fucking world and this shit that happens too much.
I'm supporting Ariana since I was 11 years old. I've grown up with her and I saw her became the girl,the musician,the artist that now she is. She's litterally my everything, and when there was the Manchester attack,I was really shocked. Shocked because that people who died were there just because they wanted to meet their idol,they wanted to go to a concert. Music is a sort to escape for everyone,and now they're trying to take it away from us. Music is something that makes us feel alive. Music take us to the happiness,not to the death.
If I tell you that I've spent those days to cry for what happened,I'm not liying.
My heart has never been so heartbroken.
On the 15th june I'll go to Ariana's concert in Rome,but when happened all that shit I hope she suspended o cancelled all the tour dates,because I just wanted her to recover from what had happened. I want to see her happy,I want to see all that people who were there happy.
Those ignorant,crazy 'people' who destroyed a part of my family,should go to the hell.
They've attacked innocent people, who were only living one of the most beautiful days of their lives.
Thinking about all this has to make you sad,angry,disappointed..but also stronger. Stronger because we have to fight against anger,against all those people who want us to leave in the terror. This event maked me understand that we have to be grateful to be alive,to be near our love ones and that we are lucky for what we have. We don't have to understimate the little things we have,because other people don't have it anymore.
Anyway,sorry for haven't ben active,but I promise I'll come back soon. Just want you all to understand this⬆
Love you,thanks for your time.
Sophie xx 💞
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Tina Via Instagram two hours ago: "SPACE party @CHOPARD . A big thank you to Caroline Scheufele and to my number one @badgalriri for having me. #cannes2017 Thank you @albertaferretti & @massimoserini. "
@tinakunakey _____________________
I'll restart uptdating everything,sorry for being away.
Anyway I'm so proud of Tina,she's reaching so many goals😍

Tina via Instagram stories yesterday💞
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Tina for @glamouritalia 💞
My baby, I'm so proud of her😍
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Tina today via Instagram story😍
Look at her hairrr🔥🔥
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Tina today via Instagram📍
She's in Rome and I'm in Florence :c
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Tina via Instagram (eliminated picture)😍
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Tina on her Instagram story👑
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My angel😍😭
I don't wanna go to school tomorrow,pls help me
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Tina live on instagram a few days ago💞
Look at her smile I wanna cry😢😍
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Tina via Instagram💜: " @ j.essink "
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Tina Via Instagram😍: " #BCN "

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