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Emelie Forsberg  Mountain lover. Team @salomonrunning Trail runner, Skier and farmer! ❤To contact me; my team;@lymbus_life To follow our farm; @moonvalley_smallfarming

Good morning! God morgon! I share with you a tiny bit of the autumn colour heaven ❤️ Have a good day ❤️

Seeing others achive or beeing part of their challenge is really special. Here is my other little skimo sister @erikaborgstrm pushing her limits running further than ever by following me on my first day of my big challenge on the FKT, kungsleden. 120 km and 2 boats wich ended in thunderstorms and the temperature that droped so fast it became scary. She was so brave and I was so impressed by her mental and physical strenght. Tell us, who are you fascinated by or impressed of? ❤️ #yourownlimits @salomonrunning 📷 @philippreiter007

Autumn evenings when the sun goes down again, beautiful colours, incredible fresh air and snow on the summits ❤️ I’m ready for a new week full of training! Hope you are too! 📷 @kilianjornet

Where did you get your smile from? ❤️ Here we can see my mums smile where I think I got mine from. I can’t remember if I always had an easy time to smile, to life, to new meetings, for small and big things. Maybe when I realised that life can be hard and unfair but there’s anyway so much joy and beauty in it. I remember a few people coming and going in my life who asked why I’m smiling so much, and their tone was almost accusing. It made me feel bad. But that’s long gone, because when I meet people who smile at nothing, just look happy, or smile at me, for no reason, for the joy of everything that is good, I get happy. Give a little of your happiness and you get so much back ❤️ Smile a little extra today 😘 📷 @philippreiter007

Interval kind of day! Rain and fog and heartbeats ❤️ 2 minutes uphill intervals are good ones, they are perfect to start with after some time without. Will you train any today? If so tell us! 🏃🏽‍♀️#timetotrain

Many of my runs can actually look more or less like this. Mountains, trails and beautiful suroundings. In summer on foot and in winter on skimo skis. I love it. And I choose to share what I love. I also do love hard trainings, in heavy rain, crazy wind and snow storm. But I dont bring my camera in those conditions 😅 to cold to stop! Week by week it’s most likely 2 trainings per day, and often some computer work, farm work or rest inbetween. It’s not a 9-5 work. It’s definetely a life style. It’s work all the time, it’s passion and grit the life of an athlete. Thank you body for letting me train so well ❤️ #suuntorun

When you want to run around forever in these beautiful autumn mountains 😍! Sunny and warm days makes the training easier, and the energy is high for working outside at @moonvalley_smallfarming, where there’s always things to do 😉! @salomonrunning #timetotrain

Let’s take weekend! Grabbing some veggies from @moonvalley_smallfarming and working some ideas for @moonvalley.me 😍Wish you sunny and lovely autumn days! I will enjoy it running, working outside, pick berries, veggies, mushrooms and maybe a dinner or two in the sun!

A day of scrambling is always a good day! 😍 Venjetinden never let’s you down. Especially not with a fika at the summit! ❤️#romsdaltur

This summer I spent some days in the Catalan Pyrenees and I felt like at home. It’s full of beautiful mountains, nature, cosy villages, nice trails, markets… I hope to be back there really soon! M'encanten els Pirineus Catalans ! @visitpirineus @catalunyaexperience #visitpirineus #catalunyaexperience

This project summer is so exciting! I have decided to put all my focus on my Himalayan project in october and not do to many races. Pure focus. Training for mountains because mountains is what I love! 📷 @kilianjornet

Good morning sunday! As the sun disappears 10 minutes per day now, it’s time to enjoy every bit of it! And my energy is coming back, so I can step up my training ⭐️! And doing that, it’s even more important to stretch, yoga or just take time to listen to the body. 📷 @annafrosty

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