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Christine B  Another brillIant idea, Steinberg.

Near sunset at @mindthegapnica *swoon* #mindthegapnica

Only being in this house who does not ask me for anything.

Tony came home with a surprise turtle 🐢 which we had not discussed. But Shelley is sleeping under a dandelion leaf, and I found a tank for them on FB Marketplace, and I guess we’re turtle people now. (Just out of the frame is a cricket snack. I don’t even know)

My little furry monster.

Some serious moves to Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday. Happy birthday, kiddo. ❤️

Real into drawing on herself lately.

Attempts to cook and/or eat my sadness have never really worked, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying. @anthonybourdain ‘s Macau pork chop sandwich.

New friend laying eggs in the garden.

What? How do you eat your pizza?

Keep me up all night and then have the gall to take an adorable nap while I work. Blergh.

#tbt Jules living his best life in Maine.

Happy moment - Sprinkler on the table, folding socks, and listening to one kid harass Alexa to chat and the other singing “chat, chat, chat.” I love these weirdos.

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