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This was more incredible than I expected. I didn't know there was a [semi-sketchy] trail down to the water. I need to find a way to work more adventure into my day to day life.

Waiting for the sunset...

You can probably guess what happens next. I'm that dot on the right of the cliff. At the risk of causing my mom undue concern and others to question my decision quality I give a peek into my life during tonight's sunset. Big thanks to Lisa from Germany who just happened to be filming and airdropped it to me. Also in my defense I had been there 20 minutes and no splash had gone higher than 25 feet. Also included are the selfie's I risked my life to take. I hope you like them. #TheWaterSeries #ShotoniPhone

Leaving the island of Bali. On to doing some island hopping. This is exactly what I had in mind. Let's hope I get a little spot in #TheWaterSeries #ShotoniPhone

Day 1: My home for the next 2 nights

I'm not going to pretend like that shower wasn't at the top of my life's bucket list.

Never seen the blue dot there before.

Sadly our egg drop did not succeed...but our teamwork was on point. #hoby #hobysocal2017 #thetimeisnow

Our Group! Team Psychedelics. #HOBYSoCal2017 #thetimeisnow #hoby

First cheer of #hobysocal2017 #thetimeisnow

Time for HOBY Youth Leadership Conference 2017 #thetimeisnow #HOBYSoCal2017

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