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Finally busted out the sous video machine to make this sous vide chicken breast from Serious Eats, along with salad using homemade Caesar dressing πŸ˜‹ Chicken came out so juicy! 😊

Smoked salmon avocado toast, Japanese-style potato salad, honey lavender matcha latte, and Earl Grey chiffon cake for lunch at home! :D Still hungry though... πŸ€”

Finally tried making this cherry blossom milk pudding from #justonecookbook :D <3 the pink!

Guava-strawberry chiffon cake - had fun making this! Sometimes I wish I could bake and practice decorating more but need more folks to consume them once I'm done so I don't get diabetes. πŸ˜…

My bunny became a mouse? Tot's bento is now just a once in a while thing since it's difficult to do it everyday as a non-morning person. πŸ˜… Hurray for school hot lunch! Tamagoyaki, pork sausage, broccoli, and rice.

Hubby made yummy kimchi sundubu jjigae! 😍

Tot's bento - Week 4, Thursday: Rainy day today + tot nagging for a Peppa lunch box so went with Peppa splashing in a nori muddy puddle on cucumbers and rice. :P Corn and roast chicken on the side. Peppa's clothes made from red bell pepper skin, which I'm pretty sure tot will not eat. πŸ˜…

Tot's bento - Week 4, Tuesday: Minion shaped beef & ketchup omurice, with broccoli stems. Not pictured: pineapple and grapes. :)

Tot's bento - Week 3, Thursday: Chibi Totoro and susuwatari (soot sprite) onigiris, salmon, edamame, broccoli, and cucumbers. Kiddo only recognizes big Totoro so was confused as to what was in her bento today. πŸ˜… May have packed too much this time...

Tot's bento - Week 3, Wednesday: Sad sad Rilakkuma chicken and egg soboro don attempt. πŸ˜‚ Tot's reaction: "Oooh....! What is it? A bear?" O well, better luck next time.

Tot's bento - Week 3, Tuesday: Mickey Tsum Tsum onigiri by tot's request, along with beef teriyaki, broccoli, and cucumber. Pretty happy with how this one turned out compared to yesterday's Minnie. (*^_^*)

Tot's bento - Week 3, Monday: Attempted Minnie Tsum Tsum onigiri but ran out of time so details were missing/off. :( Paired with pan-fried salmon, cucumbers, and tamagoyaki (not shown: sliced pear and mandarin oranges). Of course tot asks if she could have Mickey instead tomorrow. πŸ˜’πŸ™„

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