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Got caught red handed playing with my monkey out in public again

My head is a jungle jungle!

There was another sign at the bar that read, "Dont tell mom I did mushrooms on the Gili Islands" ...but by that time it was too late.

When your falling in love in paradise but you cant get bae to sit down for more than 1 second for a cute photo...

Started with a goat now were here!

Slowly driftin...

When your just tryin to do a little mushroom hunting while on your staycation in Taiwan but the god damn cows wont cooperate with you and tell you where they take their shits at...

with Love
p.s. These smart phone cameras gettin cray

Well I cant even lie, when I first got to Taiwan I wasn't too fond of the place. I guess the language barrier, having no phone to help me communicate, and not knowing how to get anywhere or do just about anything on my own since Taiwan isnt really part of that "backpackers circuit," was all frustrating and a bit discouraging to say the least. But now over 2 months later, I cant imagine having not made a stop here on my travels.
From hiking to the top of some of the highest mountains on the island, chasing waterfalls and temples through out the jungle and getting attacked by monkeys, trekking through the breath taking Taroko Gorge, surfing all day followed by camping and beach side bonfire parties all night, having the opportunity to work for Taiwans first ever major music festival, attending the Spring Scream Festival for my "Spring Break" and becoming friends with all the great people who put it on, sneaking into ▲rganik Festival (My bad, I should have just paid as not only was that SUPER dangerous, but it became one of my most respected festivals of all time), to working in my first hostel/bar/surf shop, hitch hiking for my first time, then doing it completely around the island many more times, and last but certainly not least, making a ton of amazing friends along the way, that have not only turned my thoughts about this place around a complete 180 degrees, but made it feel like I truly am right at home.
So thank you all so much for being you! I am currently sitting shotgun in another hitch hiked ride with a guy who only speaks Chinese, but I am on my way back up to Taipei for one last weekend in the city! So to all my new friends, hit me up for #OneMorePartyInTaiwan! I would love to see each and every one of you before I go, and what do ya know theres an ▲rganik Festival After Party this Saturday at Korner!
Anyway, its been cooler than cool Taiwan! But for me, the time has come to go. And next up... a one way ticket to BALI!
Oh yeah, and #ThatsOneBIGAssBuildingYouGotThere

Exhibit A. ▲rganik Stage.
One of many weapons used during a mass musical murder on a beach in Taiwan.
Circa May 2017
#ItWasntEvenTyphoonSeason #RectumDamnNearKilledEmDotCom

Wow, I am still left speechless... Organik Festival literally felt out. of. this. world!
Taiwan, your beauty and your music scene are both seriously impressing me. Move over Red Rocks, because that was probably the best venue for music that I have ever been to.

This shit head kept following what I did and imitating it... Literally playing monkey see, monkey do with this fool.

Later he walked up to my friend holding a big bag of food that we were about to go cook at the campsite, and with 2 hands, he tried to snag the entire bag of supplies out of my friends hands and run away with it. Should of seen the look on all the Chinese tourists faces... #CrazyLikeAnimal

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