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Call the cops, call the cops, we got mad mother fuckin marijuana crops!

Good night NorCal... We'll see you beauties in the morning. #AnotherDayAnotherDollar

Caution Trimmer Crossing
Santa Cruz, CA
Circa 1994.

Made it back to The States just in time for the first free Summer Concert Series right on the beach at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Ate so many corndogs, played so many games, rode so many rides, smoked so many joints, drank so many beers, and puked on so many innocent people. #EddieMoney #Corndogs #Merica

On my block, we make the impossible look easy...


This is what it looks like when you stay at Splash House for a couple extra days after the festival is over... And I cant believe im in California but will be getting NO days this time! #SplashHouse #Day5 #FOMO

Well I honestly cant believe the time has come, but after 5 countrys, 6 months, and 7 cell phones later, I am finally coming back to The States. I couldnt feel weirder about it and I will probably need to surround my self by noodles, rice, and my Asian friends just to cope with the withdrawl. But I can easily say this trip through Asia has without a doubt been the smartest and best decision of my life. EASILY! Better than any festival I have ever been to, smarter than any classes I have ever taken, and even cooler than moving to California, even though everyone in the world seems to think thats pretty cool despite everyone in the world also hating America. I could go on and on about how this trip has opened up my eyes and completely changed my view on what I want out of life, but to be honest, no one will ever understand it until you do it yourself. I have met SOO many beautiful people from ALL over the world. Some stuck around with me for weeks or even months, while others just passed through, but SO many I can honestly say will be great friends of mine for the rest of my life. We all share something very special and theres a certain smirk in each others smile that says "we know" ;) Like a secret club that we have all joined and learned so much together through. I will never forget all my Frenchies from the beginning of my trip, all my mates from England who dont give a shit, my cunts from Austalia who just want to party, my beauties from Thailand who taught me how to truly be laid back, and even though I dont understand you, my Chinese friends are pretty damn cool too! So many more people from so many other countries I cant even keep up, but I also cant wait to one day visit you all in your home towns and get down!
Anyway, for now its back to The States for me... buuut not for long. I got my eye on the prize and I will be selling my car, working on the farm, then leaving the country for good. Im thinking Bali is where I will call home, but also so much more to explore! Fuck it, I know Ill figure it out when I need to, but until then the world is literally my oyster. So lets squirt!

No, thats not a message in a bottle floating to shore on the left. Just my beer as I bask in the oceans of Bali while day tripping the time away... #SunsetsAndStarsSpiralingOutOfControl #NoWomanNoCryNoMushroomsNoFly

Got caught red handed playing with my monkey out in public again

My head is a jungle jungle!

There was another sign at the bar that read, "Dont tell mom I did mushrooms on the Gili Islands" ...but by that time it was too late.

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