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Tim Skells  Im not homeless, I have a home... I just dont have a house.


Some people might call it a friendship, but I think the correct term would a brothership. We may have technically met on the internet but we have been through so many firsts together and if we're smart, we will have learned and been through many lasts. But no way in hell will we ever be through an end. Here's to the many tough times, surely some very easy times, and hopefully many more years of ups, downs, lefts and rights! You've never let me down, and you always bring me up! Happy birthday brother! Because... YOU DESERVE IT! YOU DESERVE IT!
p.s. Do you fuck with the war?! #KeepOnKeepinOn Snap yo fingers (we know you will), do yo step, but please keep your fucking pants on for once! Love you brother!!

It's all about athletics... Slow and steady wins the Krace.

Bobcats in Bangkok...

When you get the beaches of San Diego, the night life of Las Vegas, the suite life of the Hollywood Hills/Malibu, Banyan trees of Hawaii, all at 1/5 the price of Detroit, and all in one place... PLUS it's on an island with jet skis, cruise ships, etc... you say PHUKET! I have found my home!

And while I must admit I will keep traveling, but I seriously think I have found where I want to stay! And for even more reasons than I can possibly explain!
#WhenLifeGivesYouCoconuts, Fuck it... I mean... PHUKET! Thailand baby!

What you can't see are the bats the size of Batman himself... And our turbo charged Tuk Tuk. #DeepInTheReap

Representing team Blue Barracudas on the Ledges of The Hidden Temple!! Na, I'm kidding thats Angkor Wat bitches!

From on top of the world... Sup

When your traveling the world, especially by yourself like me, the hostels that you stay at often play a major role in the experience you have in each city. Some are simply nothing more than a place to lay your head, while others have built a sense of community around them with group activities, pools, bars, lounges, games, movie nights, group dinners, etc.
After 2 months of being on the road and probably 30 different hostels, Utopia Hostel in Sihanoukville, Cambodia might take the cake for best sense of community so far. Maybe it was just the hostel but maybe it was really the people, either way something magical happened there. At first I passed through Sihanoukville and just viewed it as a portal to get to the islands of Cambodia, but with a second pass through and a stop at Utopia, my view was changed. And while I had SOO many bad things happen to me while I was there, this amazing group of people (sadly SO many not pictured! 😔) helped me non stop along the way. Cleaning up my cuts for me, lending me money without having to worry about getting it back, buying me clothes and other gifts just because, and literally risking their own lives to save mine when being attacked, oh and of course the countless free drinks and food from our amazing "bar staff" ;) Did I mention I never even had to pay to stay there? Like what?! Our timing was impeccable with so many of us just coincidentally showing up to Utopia around the same day and the sense of sadness that was present in the air on the days we all left, was a clear sign that I will most certainly be meeting back up with some of these people again later in life.
With that being said, I would also like to ask all my traveling/traveled friends, what are some other places that you have stayed at that hopefully match this vibe? I refuse to settle for places that are just "a place to lay your head" when there is so much more to be offered out there... Oh yeah, and the fact that America has no sense of a backpackers scene and hostels to stay at, is complete bullshit.

"Yeah, we got all the cargo containers loaded on the ships and on their way over the Pacific... Should get there around the same time we get phones without antennas"

Yuep... that'll do. #CheckYaLater!

We 'Partied in The Penh' and 'Got DEEP in The Reap!'

Snap yo fingers! Do yo step! You can do it with yo best friend! Let me see ya do it! Ayyyy!