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timothyschumack  Do not trouble yourself much to get new things, whether clothes or friends. Turn the old; return to them. Things do not change; we change - H. Thoreau

Cannot say I didn't try.
1. Dressing up, despite feeling something like death.
2. Had my rent money all ready to go, but was unable to deposit said rent, because the bank was closed.
3. Biking in this cruel weather.
4. In 45 min going to work, because this soul gotta eat.
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Friday night on my street: Four cop cars and one abandoned vehicle. #Detroit #What #itwasntme #nightlife #boom

Dear Baby Green,
It is time to say goodbye.
You have taken me to and from Greensboro, North Carolina, when I tried out for X factor. To and from Knoxville, Tennessee, when I auditioned and joined AMTC. You shuttled me from school, countless days and nights during my Kroger career, then 2booli when I dipped into the restaurant industry. You helped me so many times move my little nomadic life. You became great friends with M-10, 696, and I- 96, and was beginning to get know I-75. You were a boss and survived 3 Michigan winters! Thank you for giving me the options of tape, CD, or auxilary, and without complaint effortlessly lugged my keyboard around.
Yeah, you were not the greatest on gas, got yourself into major scrapes, and did not carry many passengers, however, I asked you to get me from A to B, and you did that and more!
Thank you for being a true fighter. Baby Green, you truly were a majestic steed. Rest in peace.
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Le Petit Zinc. Small, charming, and absolutely delicious! I am somewhat embarrassed and ashamed I did not go sooner. However, I went with the right people: @brdelis @rvxmendoza @jstoddart #Detroit #crepes #delicious #brunch #friends #love #singleandkillingit #simple

Buckle In:
In this space I have: Done hours on end of homework, multiple lunches, couple of dinners, stuffy summer days, rushed- hectic rainy days, laughed at my dad's dry humor, pretended to know all about engineering, learned about thermodynamics, drew pictures, and cried my eyes out over many academia/life trials. Through all these lessons, my father was there every step of the way.
My visit today, was no different, he still simply asked me about my day, about my dreams, and everything between. I L-O-V-E this man dearly and I am more than thankful. Once again, my mind was blown, at my father's constant strength, undying patience, and diligence to his family. This is the man I want to be!
In the space, I realized, I am safe.
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Woke up to this sun pattern. #Detroit #morning #beauty #692 #sunlight #holla #simple #werk

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