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Timothy DeLaGhetto  Actor. Rapper. Cuddle Master. MTV's Wildnout. Full time Youtuber. Foodporn always on point. Click the link for my newest youtube video!


Getting pole dance lessons from @biggred13 on today's episode of #GoinRaw! Who's a better stripper, me or @purpdrank!?
Find out at fullscreen.com/GoinRaw

So people thought I was TRIPPIN the other day when I said these shower hairs looked like aliens abducting a pregnant woman, so I asked my girl to bring me some color pencils and did this for yall! Lmaooo πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½


Learnin how to twerk on the pole.

So apparently my feet were lookin rough and raggedy af so even though it's a holiday in Canadiah, @chia_habte opened up her spot and gave me an emergency pedicure!

It took me 3 flights and 12 hours of flying and layovers to get to @chia_habte's part of Canada from Asheville, NC yesterday. Sheeeesh. The things we do for love... and by love, I mean the booty... and by the booty, I really mean love.
Also, this is an old picture that my mom took from a previous trip. Lol

Freestyle while doing the spicy ramen challenge!
Link in bio if you ain't SEEENTTT!!! or click https://youtu.be/SUM6mcVFDz8

So I was washing my hair and put all the shed ones on my tile. To me, it looked like 2 aliens abducting a pregnant woman on to their spaceship. No one on twitter was really seeing it, so I had to draw it out. Swipe to see the illustration lmao πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½

Out here in Asheville, NC for the #FatTire #TourdeFat!!! It's super littttt! Shout out to @newbelgium for havin me!!! See y'all on the rest of the tour!
NewBelgium.com/TDF for more info and tickets

My Kevin Hart impression on point, son!!! Lmao

Lol my pops is READY for some grandkids.

Signed this dude's shirt "people say we look alike so that means you sexy" lol. Asheville, NC showin love!
πŸ“·: @movie_nard

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