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Timmy Olson  I am a lover of life & explorer of nature. My kids student, aiming to live consciously while running mountains & letting my heart shine free. @adidas

Frolicking through this fresh powder. ❄️☃️❄️
A beautiful white blanket has covered our canyon with snow, so the boys, their mother and I decided to go out to make some fresh tracks and sip on some hot chocolate n tea. It’s a fun snow day, yippee!
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GROUP RUN: Come join me tomorrow/Saturday 10/13 for our kickoff Infinite Trails Community group run at the @adventure_lodge. Come on out and enjoy a beautiful morning trail run around Betasso reserve and enjoy a yummy brunch by @radboulder after socializing with new and old friends.
I’ll be guiding a pre-run sitting meditation at 9am.
Group run for all levels at 9:30am.
Brunch by RAD after the 5mile run.
May you all have a joyful weekend. ✌🏼
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It’s here...
❄️ ❄️ ❄️ .
Looking forward to more days of snuggling on the couch with a cup of hot tea, relaxing with the family.
#letitsnow #snow
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Weekend got you shook. Chin up my friend, chin up. Today is your day.
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#mondays #utmb
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Look at these ridiculously rad red rocks! Just loving all the colors of our vibrant earth, what a playground.
Having a great time at @trailfest in Kanab, Utah, running with my wife and a bunch of other jolly earth ragers. Bring on the weekend with more fun to be had. Happy Friday all! ✌🏼⛰
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It’s a big world out there. I truly believe that we’re all connected - one drop in a sea of waves - with rippling effects, creating vibrations outward, touching everything. Be kind, be love, be mindful….choose actions today that create positive vibrations in the world. 🌎✌🏼💙 Road tripping to Utah with the fam to @trailfest - looking forward to seeing everyone there and to a fun couple days together! 📷 @riffraff002
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There’s just something about that finish line feeling...
Stoked to announce the video of our #UTMB 2018 experience. It wasn’t always pretty but oh my was it worth it. Thanks for cheering me on!
And a huge thank you to my in-laws Bob and Debbie Loomis for putting this video together. What an experience and happy you were there to live and capture it.
To view @youtube video follow link in bio.
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...thinking out loud, what will the day bring, waking up in each moment, I feel the urge to sing. taking in breaths of air, mentally I am focused, while out on my run, I’ll script a whole opus.
now the run is done and the emails snap me back to reality, hope you have a swell day, thanks for running along with me... #mondays
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It’s fun to scramble up mountains when you’re in top health and peak performance. This “normal” state of health is different for an endurance athlete. Slight levels of imbalance can make a huge difference and over 100 miles of running, it will make or break the journey. Over the years I’ve had a wide range of reaction from the medical field when it comes to my passion for long-distance running. Running plays a huge role in who I am - it’s my job, family, passion, life - all wrapped up into one silly sport. I’ve had doctors attempt to solve one medical issue by making recommendations that have negatively impacted my running. I finally found a doctor and team who “gets it” with @SteadyMD. My Dr. @drjoshruns values both my health and running and understands that it’s a unique balance to keep both of them optimized. It’s important to have a doctor who can treat my everyday illnesses yet keep their medical recommendations in line with my end goal of running performance.
Check out the link in my bio to learn more or visit steadymd.com/timolson.
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Back home and enjoying the flow. Always worth it to get out with the family and enjoy the fall colors.
Thanks for the fun adventure @wildfreewanders, @radboulder and @muckerobert 🐛🍂🍁
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Dropping in....
It’s the weekend. .
It’s so good to be back home in Boulder enjoying the fresh mountain air intermixed with dry alpine forest and rocky peaks. It’s the perfect combination for pure mountain joy.
Stoked to be welcoming an amazing group of the trail running community to #Boulder for a fun @adidasterrex weekend retreat. I’m looking forward to spending time with new and old friends!
Hope you have a great weekend!
#runwild #runhappy #runmindful #runfree
Photo: @riffraff002

Follow your heart kid, your dreams may come true.
Love seeing that sparkle in my kids eyes...mine too as the journey sinks in. Wow, life is rad.
#tbt to not that long ago. What an epic adventure around #montblanc, I have a race report and video about my experience coming soon. Stay tuned.
#runwild #runhappy #runmindful #runfree
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