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Tim Coleman  Made in UK. Image maker, creating stories for @sim_intl in East Africa

Hidden and Forgotten.

Shame, stigma and poverty all play a part in the difficulty for Kenyan families coping with disability.

Link in bio for the full story, out today, showing what the local church and SIM's Sports Friends ministry is doing about it. (Not one to normally fill in the viewer's imagination, but there IS a ten-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, home alone, in a dark back bedroom behind this locked door.)

You might have seen on the BBC recently a series of stories about disability in Kenya. At it's worst, the stigma, shame and difficulty surrounding disability leads to family and community members telling a mother kill their own disabled child. It's a sad truth. Yet there is hope.
I've been working hard on a story that follows three families affected by disability in rural Kenya and just what Sports Friends and the local church are doing about it. Before the release of that in-depth story and full-video that I've created for Sports Friends, check out this teaser video.
Link in bio too 👆

Tembea Kenya Calendar 2019 available! I still have stock if you are interested!

Picture one is the cover, picture two is the rear cover that shows all the images included, plus I've included a couple of pages inside.

There's a mix of Kenya's stunning landscapes, wildlife and people. Tembea is a Swahili word for walk, but can be used to mean explore.

I'm really happy with this ringbound calendar, which is A3-sized when open. £10 per copy. Reach out for more details/ shipping. Asante!

I'm really excited to be sharing a story soon from Kenya that is profoundly encouraging.
Recently I saw an article on the BBC about Kenyan mothers being told by their family/ community to kill their own child who has a disability. Elizabeth in this picture with her daughter Grace is one such mother.
When I first met Elizabeth while making a video for @sportsfriends_intl I met a family ostracised by their community, living with and labelled by deeply hurtful stigma.
I saw a change during a Sports Friends camp where the family were cared for and lies addressed and replaced with loving truth.
I've seen the family with a new lease of life and support network back home after camp. As they are loved, they find strength to love again. It's deeply encouraging. Disability or not, we are all made in the image of God and are loved.

Nature's catwalk, Grey Crowned Crane.

These wonderful birds, on the ground. The vertical forest forms in the background compliment the slender subject. Timing was crucial - placing the Crane between trees so it stands out, plus freezing its own form at the right moment.
IG edits have helped to create final images that I like a lot.

Grey Crowned Crane in flight.

We had a few days in the countryside this week, up near Molo, Kenya. With family, photography doesn't take priority, but I managed a good hour or two out one morning with the camera. This was very welcome, after a couple of months editing and no shooting.
These birds are entertaining to watch and with some patience it's possible to capture their wonderful form and character.

Excited to say that 'I Can Breathe Again', story is out now.
Link to video | photos | text in bio ☝️

What a privelege to make and share Appolinarie's story of trauma healing, following the Ruanda genocide.

She's a brave woman with incredibly encouraging story - no trauma is too big that cannot be healed through God and forgiveness.


Lucy, 2002.

Over a number of her adolescent years, I made portraits of my little sister @mrslvcash and this portait is possibly my favourite. Love you, sis 😘
It's been a LONG time, since I shot with film. When I studied photography in 2001-2004 (when this portrait was made) it was all film really. Straight from graduating, digital took over.
I can't say with 100% certainty which medium format camera I used from the university stock cupboard for this picture, but my best guess is the Bronica SQ-B and judging from the FOV the lens would have been the Zenzanon 50mm f/3.5. Looks too wide to be the 80mm f/2.8.
There's a part of me that would love to chime film is not dead and I hope to shoot with 120 film again, but right now that idea is romantised and indulgent (expensive).

BTS from a VR shoot I tagged along to, three years back in Nairobi. It was a short story about a guy from the slums making it as a boxer and here he is prepping for a fight.

I made some 4k 60fps video clips on a misty morning around the Limuru Tigoni teafields. Fields, Hooded Robin and an enclosed waterfall. Check it out!

1000th post on IG from me and a little bit about myself to go with it.
I'm from the UK and live in Kenya, husband of the beautiful @hannahjb5 and father of two wonderful little scamps.
Here were have achieved the impossible - a decent family photo with all four of us looking at the camera. Only taken us two years 😜 The secret? Just take a video and then grab a video still of the right moment. It helps when you have a brilliant camera for video in the GH5 from which to get decent stills (plus presentable subjects!)

Girl, Doro refugee camp, South Sudan.
The women and girls wear such bright colours. No filter used, in fact this picture is pretty much straight out of camera. I've included a black and white version, which surprisingly I almost prefer. What do you think?

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