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Tim Coleman  Image maker from U.K, mainly sharing social impact stories from East Africa

1000th post on IG from me and a little bit about myself to go with it.
I'm from the UK and live in Kenya, husband of the beautiful @hannahjb5 and father of two wonderful little scamps.
Here were have achieved the impossible - a decent family photo with all four of us looking at the camera. Only taken us two years 😜 The secret? Just take a video and then grab a video still of the right moment. It helps when you have a brilliant camera for video in the GH5 from which to get decent stills (plus presentable subjects!)

Girl, Doro refugee camp, South Sudan.
The women and girls wear such bright colours. No filter used, in fact this picture is pretty much straight out of camera. I've included a black and white version, which surprisingly I almost prefer. What do you think?

A little while ago I shared some pictures from home visits to families who live in rural Naivasha, Kenya, and have been ostracised because of disability.
I had the privilege to make a video from a camp that Sports Friends Kenya hosted for these families, where the children were loved on every minute and the parents were transformed through trauma healing group sessions.
Weeks after the camp I returned to the family homes and was blown away by the transformation in the children and their mothers, captured in part in these video stills.
The video edit is taking a while, but I'm really excited to share the full story when it's ready 🙏🙌

Three video stills from a soon to be released video I've made about SIM Kenya's trauma healing programme.
Appolinarie is a survivor of the genocide in Ruanda and 20 years on she lives in Nairobi as a trained trauma counsellor.
She experienced her own personal freedom through trauma healing groups and now facilitates these groups to the 1000's of French speaking refugees from Congo, Burundi and Ruanda, who live in Nairobi today.
Look out for the full story on www.simstories.org in the coming weeks and I urge you to share and support the life changing work.

A collection of little details around lovely Shela Village, just south of Lamu.

Today is a gift, coral stone walls, sandy beaches, ambling, crabs, ornate doors, coffee with an ocean breeze, colourful flowers, street games with no rush.
Its all very, very...well...lovely. Did I already mention pole pole (take it slowly)?!

Birds, birds, birds.
I had a day away from Nairobi a few weeks back in the fresh air of Limuru at Brackenhurst.
There is a wonderful abundance of birdlife here, which has increased especially after reforestation.
Here, I think we have a kikuyu white-eye, an allied taita white-eye, a rufous-backed mannikin and another that I don't know - common tit?!!
Brackenhurst makes for a wonderful Nairobi getaway, plus the food and drink is reasonable and very tasty!

Lamu Old Town by day. This place is a street photographer's dream.
Narrow alleyways, glimpses of the ocean between colourful buildings that are coming apart at the seams, it's bubbling with life, friendly locals, mosques, donkeys, cats.
I'm not sure any place in Kenya has given me as much license to roam with the camera as Lamu has.
These are a small selection of GH5 4k video stills.

More Mount Kenya Marvelousness (not sure if marvellousness is a word, but it’s legit when describing this vista)! These are the sort of places and weather conditions an enthusiastic landscape photographer like me dreams of!

I’ve included two compositions, with a colour and black & white version of each.

Takwa Ruins, Manda Island.

A day on a dhow and we took the chance to sail through the mangroves around Manda Island, to Takwa Ruins.

Honestly, the ruins were OK. But those baobab trees, woah 😮 Apparently a good thousand years old, which is totally believable.

The view while descending from Lenana peak is quite spectacular, especially with weather conditions like this! Clear skies above, low lying cloud and mist below. The peak emerging from the clouds in the distance is next to Shipton camp.
During the walk the angles change as does the view and I'll share one more picture of this view. Here, the land is like a bowl, holding all that mist.
I've shared Both colour and black & white versions here, but for sure this is best in B&W for me. Thoughts?
Edited in IG. Desaturated and a red colour applied to highlights to bring out the richness in the sky.

A little star trail over Batian, from Shipton camp in Mount Kenya National Park.
Taken over the course of 30 minutes or so, the composition I chose was mainly to avoid moonlight and brighter parts of the Milky way.
I find early evening is your best bet for star trails here, Too late in the evening on a clear night at this altitude and it tends to be too cold to avoid condensation building on the front of the lens.
I guess you could wipe the lens during one capture and hope the camera doesn't shift at all and then fill in the trail gap in post. Not ideal.

A dhow is a wonderful way to spend a day off the shores of Lamu. If you're lucky enough like me, you'll enjoy with new friends, too. We chilled as the water lapped against the boat, we fished, we ate fresh fish and fruit, visited Takwa ruins through the mangroves, plus went to the floating bar for sundowner. Brilliant day! The other main option for getting around Lamu other than dhow is by donkey. Lamu certainly has its charm!

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