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🎶Neimans, Barneys, Saks 5th, Riccardis, made the money stretch out like pilates, do my own stunts on em no karate, if I had to flex on you won't say sorry🎶cc: @cousinstizz || "Chapo" || 60 x 60|| Sold || #flashbackfriday

🎶I go to outer space, I don't talk and I don't want no new friends,Ain't no comment I don't do no hate, closed circles with no interviews, we ain't takin' no damn applications 🎶|| "Ex-Presidents" || 48 x 60 || SOLD || still putting some finishing touches, peep my ig story for more 👀

🎶I know they prayin' I dont do good, but that okay cus all I do is great🎶|| "HEAT" || 48 x 72 || putting some finishing touches, peep my IG story || SOLD || contact Mark@timmysneaks.com for questions and inquiries

🎶What's left in my life? Don't know what's in store, I've been dealing with these blessings that I can't ignore, putting up the numbers we ain't keepin' score🎶 || 30 x 40 || "Neutral" || contact Mark@timmysneaks.com for inquiries and questions

🎶I don't walk on land, I don't ever walk on land, George Jetson you can't see me nooo, do numbers like Boston George on vimeoo🎶|| "The American Dream" || 48 x 72 || commission, Sold|| see my ig story for detail video and shots of this || contact Mark@timmysneaks.com for inquiries

🎶You just dream about success, I stay awake to achieve it 🎶cc: @russ || 48 x 60 commission || my favorite clients let me run wild with their ideas💯 || contact Mark@timmysneaks.com for inquiries

"It was just like Sonny said it would be. Nobody cares, Nobody cares." || 52 x 52 || "Nobody Care$"

🎶Chasin', chasin', all this paper chasin', I'ma work for months, I won't take vacations , all this money makin', I'm like a bad doctor I ain't got no patience 🎶 || 48 x 48 commission || contact Mark@timmysneaks.com for inquries

🎶see me in person, first thing they say is, "I know you need a break" Hell naw, I feel great, ready now, why wait?🎶 || 48 x 48 || contact Mark@timmysneaks.com for inquiries

28 years of life today || But I feel like I haven't touched the surface of what I want to accomplish || If sleep wasn't necessary I'd opt out || shout out to everyone who's been along for the ride, it means everything 💯💯💯 || oh and my first fashion collabo with @joshuavanleader landed today 👀 || 🍾🍾🍾 tomorrow we party @bijouboston

🎶Cold as the polar, I keep it precise, I go to space in the middle of the night👽🎶 || 48 x 48 || #throwback Sold || in the collection of @letthelordbewithyou

My new episode of Leaders Create Leaders with @gerardadams is now available || click the link in my bio || hopefully someone will watch this today and feel inspired 💯🙏🙌

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