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If you're currently in the doldrums, be it a touch of political dyspepsia, a case of the Mondays on hump-day or just plain old disillusioned with the current fiction called 2017, try this on for size: Imagine being blind, and then someone provides you with a πŸ— not necessarily to get into heaven as much as to escape from hell. You hear of a free clinic that endeavors to deliver sight and you make a long journey, on foot if you have to, powered by hope and an unflagging desire to have a better life. πŸ™πŸΌ Today we peeled the patches from some of the most emotive and beautiful people on the 🌍 who lived skin tingling stories from seeing their children for the first time, to recapturing their ability to share ideas and action with their communities and families. In ten years of being with @geoffreytabin and @cureblindness in Africa I've never worked as hard with such moving and meaningful results. If you want change, you must exchange. Mind blown, body blown out, and spirt blown away. Here's a shot a 12 year old shy yet smiling kid flying the red, gold and green of Ethiopia πŸ‡§πŸ‡΄ as he awaits his turn on table for the healing touch of Dr G. He was one of 241 cases completed today, #joytorious - our mutual joyous victory. Consider donating in the link in my bio, I did and it's the best thing I've done in my life.
#cureblindness now.

Amidst the misery life flourishes.
A banana tree stakes center stage at this mornings unveiling of sight.
Look closely, because you can, and notice the front three rows of previously bilaterally blind patients as they clap and ululate in anticipation of their coming vision.
We peeled the patches from over 200 eyes and the light rushed in.
If you're looking to feel better and do better, you can not find a better way than supporting this work. It's one of the best examples of doing good for others in this 🌍. Pls consider supporting @cureblindness via the link in my bio. (Today we did another 230 surgeries, with hundreds more coming in the next few days.) #powerthepossible #bethechange #solutioninaction @geoffreytabin

β€’throng - noun: a large, densely packed group of people.
Hundreds and hundreds arrive to the Bisidimo Hospital, 30 klicks northeast of Harar and the energy and anticipation is palpable. They all come to be cured, although some are turned away, as their darkness is beyond our medicine, our magic. Today we performed 200+ cataract surgeries, with fifty blind in both eyes, freeing not only these particular patients but also their caregivers. Tomorrow morning we peel the patches and dance and sing, celebrating the work of @cureblindness and the ongoing goal of ending preventable blindness.
#bethechange #livethesolution
Consider donating via the link in my profile and I will send you a #lifeletter thank you card!

To see the world through a child's eyes is to lean in for a curious look. Parents often admonish with a "don& #39;t stare" when we should encourage a deeper view. "Go ahead, peer deeply little one, and endeavor to understand and navigate this beautiful wild 🌍." An image of a formerly bilaterally blind 2yr old in the recovery ward who will now see the trees and clouds, who can now run amongst her friends and play. @geoffreytabin and @cureblindness performed cataract surgery on seven toddlers delivering them from the darkness and into the curious light. Consider donating today and check the link in my bio.
Tomorrow, in Harar, we begin our second outreach. #bethechange #partofthesolution #cureblindness

Tonight we flew back into Addis Ababa, the burgeoning capital city of #Ethiopia After five days in Arba Minch and almost a thousand surgeries we packed the microscopes and cataract instruments and I said goodbye to Kebe, the owner of the hospital cafeteria who was also deaf, promising to send him a #lifeletter . His heartfelt and humorous expressiveness made me feel at home during my daily coffee respites. He embodies the same perspective that I foster during these massive blindness interventions, which is the synthesis of knowing what you don't have and using what you do. Or as #marktwain said it, "Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
Tomorrow we head to Harar, in eastern Ethiopia to perform another mega intervention. @geoffreytabin and @cureblindness work long effective days, into weeks, with their goal to cure preventable blindness worldwide.
Consider checking them out via the link in my bio.
#realchange #powerthesolution #cureblindness

Yesterday the patients arrived in a steady stream that eventually became a #tsunami As in a country of 100,00,000 there is massive preventable blindness and @cureblindness is leaving a legacy not only of sight and renewed life but also deep training and infrastructure. Our #Ethiopian partnership is our strongest in Africa and the last four days working with the local staff and our regional brothers and sisters have been incredibly fun, difficult and exhausting with days that begin and end in darkness. It reminds of the #electivechallenge of alpine rock climbing in the mountains, a series of unnecessary actions based in a belief system that delivers deep meaning and satisfaction in my life. I make life hard on purpose because I love to learn, travel and exchange the power of the possible.
This joyous man will see this morning after we peel the patches in our post-op clinic. I've personally cared for and prepped each of the 800+ patients thus far in Arba Minch and there's another thousand waiting to receive the gift of light. #geofftabin works tirelessly on behalf of the mission of curing world blindness.
#innervision #outergiving
Making a living with our work & making a life through our giving.
Consider donating today thru the link in my bio.

I woke early today for a sunrise Internet session at a nearby hotel. We've completed over 600 surgeries over the past 3 days and hundreds more coming for the next 2. The cultural and lingual amalgam of the Arba Minch region is profound, with sometimes six different languages in the OR simultaneously. This shot from the Mebe Cafe is next to the hospital where I sneak away for a quick and needed coffee to spend a moment reflecting and a little #warthog buddy time.
@geoffreytabin and @cureblindness have an incredible partnership in #Ethiopia
#bethechange #makelifehappen #caregivingaslifeforce #local

On my way to #Ethiopia to work with @geoffreytabin and #nielstietze in Arba Minch and Bisidimo, two large population centers in a country of 100 million inhabitants.
We plan on restoring sight to 1,000 patients at each high-volume cataract intervention. The good work and incredible mission of @cureblindness is what humanity needs. #bethechange πŸ‘/πŸ‘
Opening my eyes & mind to imagine a better world and then acting and working to achieve that vision is my favorite way to be #alive
Consider donating to @cureblindness today, link in my bio, and help bring human beings back into the light! β€’β€’β€’
πŸ“· @acekvale of a πŸ˜„ patient who was recently blind in both eyes, and unable to see her food, children or place of workshop and who now has great reason to be joyous as she can participate more fully in the #exchange of #life The cost for each surgery is only $25 and the results are #priceless β€’β€’β€’
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salient (sālyent) - Noun: a piece of land that juts out (up) to form an angle. Adjective: most noticeable or important; of Heraldry, as an animal standing on its legs with its forepaws raised, as if leaping. Synonyms: #crucial #paramount #striking β€’β€’β€’
The 2,000+ ft west face of the Central Tower of Paine. β€’β€’β€’
Words rise like the sun in my mind, shedding light on the mysteries that surround me.
I study them constantly, their roots as much as their fruits, and I am enamored with the written form.
My favorite book is the dictionary as it contains all instructions and explanations and composes every idea, and in fact, every other book.
I seek and find the things that stick out, thoughts out of order, people out of place, and perspectives that rise above the flattened vistas of normal.
#torresdelpaine #chile #climbing
@erratic_rock @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official @lasportivana @nativeeyewear

#Canyoneering in @grandcanyonnationalpark is the complete experience as I use all the danger-tools and thrill-skills that I've developed over the last 2+ decades of wilderness adventures. I love to #hustle and my one speed is fast.
I am always on the go, be it on my #bike in BOCO or leaping past layers of long dead sea creatures deep in the #GrandCanyon
Life is short and so am I, so I strive to live big and live to'now .
#workit β€’β€’β€’
@kokatatusa @astralfootwear @wernerpaddles @alpacka_raft @ospreypacks @patagonia @clifbar @petzl_official β€’β€’β€’
πŸ“· by @republicofdoom β›°πŸŒ²πŸŒŠπŸ”₯πŸŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Why save open spaces of intact wilderness and culturally significant sites of natural beauty that embody our mythological origins - because if it's all just fiction in the end, legal or pagan, what not chose a fiction that allows the earth to exist and thrive in places that are free from our musings and (ab)usings.
#whisperwordsofwisdom #letitbe #leavenotrace #accessfund #patagonia #savebearsears

Check out the 30-sec film in my bio and make the call, write the letter, speak in person on behalf of land that needs your voice. @patagonia @patagonia_climb β€’β€’β€’
Get involved, get your hands dirty, and help save Bears Ears national monument. πŸŒ²β›°πŸŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Here is #youngpup @willplantz on the amazing splitter Pente 5.11- at the Reservoir Wall

A tiny figure on a massive landscape, #nielstietze in search of the way down from the shoulder of the South Tower of Paine. Climbing atop these gargantuan rock mountains calms my spirit, as the perspective of being a living pixel within such a unbelievably vast, wilderness-matrix acts as an #adventure sedative. My modern life of hyper-connectivity is reduced to a single point, this moment. #whyfi #chile #patagonia #torresdelpaine #climbing @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official @lasportivana @nativeeyewear

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