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Man as monkey🐵
Man as lizard🦎
Man as starfish⭐️
@cannonjtc hangs 10, that’s five toes and five fingers off of #thankgodledge a few thousand feet above the #Yosemite Valley floor.
At the base of the northwest face, we also witnessed the wild flight of Man as bird🦅 as first a wing-suit soared overhead before disappearing behind the north buttress and moments later a silhouetted tracker glided above the Death Slabs, body formed into a rigid air foil, powered by a gravity both physical and intellectual.
Yosemite is the best adventure playground on the 🌍
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbar @lasportivana @petzl_official @zealoptics

Many hands bring the twilight worth.
••• And they also assist in group toasts to the fabulous #northwest face of #halfdome 🍺 and to our tribe of rock 🐒
Many hands also make light work of supporting our climbing community, especially when one of us is injured, as recently happened to the wonderful and talented @quinndalina while climbing the Nose on El Capitan.
Her #comeback begins now, post spinal cord surgery, and she needs your support. Pls consider donating via the link in my profile.
🙏🏽 We make our living thru work, we make our life thru giving. Thanks for caring, daring and sharing. #tribe

A child running through tall grass
toward a random finish line
clutching a worn stitched bunny
Brings joy and a sense of relief
for even if things are bad now
perhaps soon they'll be better
Even though nature is indifferent
we give it human meaning
via connection to our through-line
And the answers are birth and creation
to questions of death and destruction
as if not for us, then maybe for them.
#yosemite #forever •••
#homecoming #sentinel ••• #child & #parent are both a #mentor ••• 🔥⚡️🌞

@austin_siadak and his mobile #danceparty ascending the #royalarches in @yosemitenps ⚡️🔥🌞 •••
The best adventure loop on the 🌎 that is a master class in risk assessment over myriad types of tricky terrain. •••
We arrived atop Washington’s Column just in time to catch my favorite wilderness program - the exquisite pastels of the sunset light show scrolling across the northwest face of Half Dome - the greatest show on earth 🌈🦄📽
#yosemite #climbing
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @nativeeyewear

Early morning haze
In Yosemite valley
Thinking of #Hayden and #Inge and #Quinn
Going for a vertical stroll
To think about things
#peace #health #joy
Even within catastrophe
Love to my #tribe

Two men and a boulder.
#stecksalathe #yosemite

I’m on my way back to the #Valley and some more big wall romping. •••
The best adventure loop on the planet is ascending the 16 pitches and 1,400 feet of the Royal Arches, including the final 100 feet of horizontal "stink bugging" via a pine needle dusted slab with no pro and the only way across is to “go, go, go.”
Then it's a scramble to the YOS Valley rim and a sinuous fast track to the top of the Column and my favorite perma-happy-hour view in the WORLD - the long and tall gaze at the monolithic northwest face of the Half Dome. If I could become a view I would chose this stunning vista. •••
Then it’s a perilous, intricate descent via the North Dome gully to complete a high risk/reward adventure obstacle course - #wow which is #mom rightside up, in awe of mother earth.
I am an earthist. •••
This is an 📸 of the prow of Washington Column alit w/ solar-cruciform as it was buffeted by the massive cloud of rock dust, created three miles away when a million billion trillion lbs of rock fell off the Waterfall Route on El Capitan.
@yosemitenps @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @nativeeyewear

So much granite, so little time.
The view from the top of #pitch 7 and the beginning of the #stoveleg cracks. Perfect parallel fissures that require you to climb what is not there, in fact you become the filling in a crack sandwich.
Sometimes it's finger tips and other times it's the whole body that is the meat in the middle.
Here is @jimmy_chin getting ready to become an El Capitan stone sandi •••🍞😫🍞
#nose 👃🏽#yosemite @yosemitenps

This is the #stoke that brings you to the #granitecrucible
This is the #joy that carries you up towering rock walls.
This is the #energy required to fire 🔥the power of the possible.
@jimmy_chin and I are headed to the 🌏's most bitchin big wall to chuck a #hotlap on El Capitan.
#goodmorning @yosemitenps and hello to the start of another #dirtbag work week. ⛰🛠😉
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @nativeeyewear

@jimmy_chin arms raised in #v atop the #sentinel formation in @yosemitenps ••• We chucked a #hotlap on my favorite mini-burl route in the #Valley the Steck-Salathe described in the Myers guide as, "An odyssey up a natural passage." ••• So much volunteerism and good vibes in #Yosemite at the 14th annual @yosemitefacelift
We love #kenYager

If @jercollins_com is one of the #Yosemite flying monkeys
Then we're off to see the #wizard at the 14th annual @yosemitefacelift
Thanks for everyone's volunteerism, as you can see it has #jeremy jumping for #joy.
#facelift 2017

I'm heading #home to @yosemitenps to attend and work at the 14th annual @yosemitefacelift •••
The fun and volunteerism began yesterday with a park wide trash bash, cleaning 🚮 the heavily used areas with a fine toothed comb. •••
Each evening we have 🗣🎤on stage at the #east auditorium talking about their WHY and sharing 📷 & 🎥 of their WHAT & HOW. •••
Thanks to Ken Yager of the #yosemiteclimbingassociation who is a tireless champion of Yosemite's climbing culture and the park itself. •••
This event is a powerfully positive bridge between the park admin and the park users, and it promotes not only preservation of the wilderness, but also the continuing dialog and action of our collective stewardship. •••
Thanks to @patagonia @clifbar @ospreypacks @petzl_official @lasportivana @nativeeyewear for their ongoing support of this crucial and enduring event. •••
#bethechange #volunteer #getinvolved #signup #joinus #yosemite #climbing & #cleaning •••
Tonight on stage we have @benrueck @patriciahaskins @geoffreytabin

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