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@cannonjtc and I are #stoked and on the summit of the 7,038 ft #sentinel formation at 10am on a Sunday #funday after four pitches up the Steck-Salathe••• The joy is barely contained by this one mile wide, seven mile long #granite #crucible and gladly capped by the stunning sweep of El Capitan.•••
@patagonia_climb @clifbar @ospreypacks @petzl_official @lasportivana @nativeeyewear
#climbing #yosemite #verticaloffice

Good morning #today
The river of life runs between the light and dark.•••
Hanging with @cannonjtc at the #base of the mighty #stecksalathe on the iconic #sentinel aka The Tombstone, which is described with succinct elegance in the #Myers @yosemitenps climbing guide as, "An odyssey up a natural passage."•••
I'll never tire of this world, it will only tire of me.
Here's to all those currently engaged in being the #change they want to see in themselves and the world. #gogetit
@patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @nativeeyewear •••
And thanks @mike.gauthier and the mighty mancoons for the place to lay my head, and #live my dreams.

¿Are you kidding me?
Nope, we're climbing that thing...now. •••
The regular North West face is a mega classic established by the #late and #great Royal Robbins and company. #wow
2,000 feet of cleaved glaciated granite. •••
We're just about to get into the #shenanigans of the rock fall scar. •••
I 😍 @yosemitenps
Here's @oceangoingmonkey scoping the #scene

@oceangoingmonkey says, "that's a classic, it shows the heat of the Central Valley," already rising at 7am. •••
We're strolling up the #deathslabs approaching the vertiginous #northwest face of Half Dome.
Need a reason to tell Sec of the Interior Ryan Zinke to protect and preserve our #national wilderness treasures - look no further than @yosemitenps You have until July 9th to comment on the 27 Natl monuments up for review. #bethechange
@patagonia @ospreypacks @clifbar @petzl_official @lasportivana @nativeeyewear

The @patagonia powered four day, mini-tour to raise awareness about protecting and preserving our #national #monuments has ended yet the work #never ends. •••
I just now realized while sitting at my airport gate, that I am involved in an asymmetrical relay where all participants carry their own baton, over a track that webs the earth, in a race against apathy and cynicism with a finish line that never arrives. And though at times I feel rejected, lost and exhausted, the chase remains and I am fully in the running. And I know that if I did nothing to prevent the rescinding of these national preserves then nothing will save them. #bethechange
Me for victory. •••
And thanks to @outlive.the.bastards and #joshlivasy for making it happen and for #powering the possible. #You have until July 9th to let Sec Interior Ryan Zinke know that he's tasked with preservation and not degradation. 📷 @jimmy_chin

The tenacity of life to flourish in the most unlikely places reminds me of my need to persevere. •••
I am on a mini road trip to bring awareness and support to our endangered National Monuments. Three consecutive hours of standing on the pavement interrupting strangers strolling past the @patagonia #santamonica store yesterday was a humbling, vulnerable and satisfying experience. If I do nothing to prevent the opening and degrading of these significant cultural and wilderness places, than nothing will happen. #bethechange Next up is the Santa Cruz Patagonia Outlet from 1-4pm and then @sawyersupply this evening from 6-9pm •••
This 📷 is the upper half of the same #purple flower vein that the Royal Arches walk-off trail bisects, with a view of the southeast face of #NorthDome @yosemitenps

I've always loved flight
If I could come back as a Yosemite raven and only have 15 yrs of life, it would be a fair trade.
#soaring #raven #flight from the top of #halfdome @yosemitenps

Here's to #halfdome and while we're at it here's to the climbers in this image just about to begin the traverse of #thankgodledge they are 2 #tiny dots of flesh and blood, hanging their asses off the stunning #northwest face ••• And while we are still at #it here's to @trumerpilsusa for make a delicious #pilsner in a 12 oz aluminum #cylinder
Ahhhh #beer = #life

The lovely, wonderful, witty, beautiful #jowhitford describes #snakedike "as if you were climbing on the back of a #dragon " •••
What pocket geologist can tell us how this #intrusive dike formed?
What pocket #psychic can predict how many more times I will ascend it in my #lifetime
This is a #forever climb - one 5.7 slab move that connects a sinuous quartz highway.
@patagonia_climb @petzl_official @clifbar @lasportivana @nativeeyewear @ospreypacks

I am astounded by the sheer beauty of this breath taking valley. No where else on earth can you cover such long, fun, clean, punishing granite climbs. @yosemitenps •••
Yesterday with @ryancappakelly we climbed two stones one day (TSOD) 15 pitches up the #arches then a bike ride to 15 pitches up the #stecksalathe on my favorite formation the proud #sentinel ••• "Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in the garden to know it." #RUMI
#training #tsod #elcap #halfdome @jimmy_chin #twentyseventeen

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